Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Smart Watch – Your Personal Asisstent

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Smart Watch – Your Personal Asisstent

For several generations, Xiaomi smart bracelets are one of the most popular products in this category. And the new sixth-generation brings various hardware/software improvements. That would make us dare to say that this is one of the best models of this type so far. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 is a well-designed smart bracelet that has a lot to offer. Both those who already use something similar and those who are entering the world of smart fitness assistants.

Smartwatches and smart bracelets are something that has been on the market for many years now. And a type of device that an increasing number of users own and use. We have talked many times about the advantages of such devices and what they have to offer. And it seems that at a time when we are slowly emerging from a pandemic. They are more useful than ever because they can help us restart and return to normal form. In the story of smart bracelets also. It is impossible to bypass Xiaomi and their Smart Band series.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Review

Xiaomi Smart Band 6 comes after the fifth generation which was a great success and was in high demand. And this year’s model brings some improvements and a combination of hardware and software. That we would dare to say that this is one of the best devices of this type we have ever had. to use.

Design and features

In terms of design, the Mi Band 6 comes in a well-known format. With an elongated shape and a bracelet that looks like it is part of the device itself. The bracelet is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, in this case, black. Also, it is completely detachable from the device. So it is possible to replace it with another color or even another material. The positive side of Xiaomi is that there is a really rich offer of accessories. Both original and those of other manufacturers. So we saw very beautiful and different bracelets made of knitted nylon and metal that significantly change the overall look.

The mechanism of attaching the bracelet comes down to pulling it through the buckle and simply stabbing the rivet into the hole. This is okay, although it is theoretically possible to accidentally hook the buckle during training or wearing and unhook it. Which happened to us twice in two weeks of testing and constant wearing. The comfort of the bracelet is correct, especially since the Mi Band 6 is very light. Only a few tens of grams with the bracelet and the only cause of any discomfort during the test.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Watch

The device without a bracelet is elongated like a pill. And practically the whole upper surface is occupied by a screen. Which is covered with so-called 2.5D slightly rounded glass. The specifications do not state whether it is glass and which. But our impression is that it is not prone to scratches. You must bracelet use without excessive caution. The screen is touch-sensitive. It is also the only way to control all functions. Because there is no additional button on the side or bottom of the screen.

Ok, How Can I Charge Watch?

As well as two charging contacts to which the magnet automatically attaches the appropriate cable that comes in the package. This cable can be connected to any USB port. As expected, they didn’t even get a charger. While we are still talking about the exterior. Let’s mention that the Mi Band 6 is waterproof according to the 5 ATM standard. So not only can you swim with it. But it can also help you monitor the results.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6Compared to some earlier models of smart bracelets. This model has a much wider screen. Close to 50% larger than the Band 5, for example. Which holds a lot of information, is more reminiscent of a smartwatch. By default, there is a display of time and date, weather forecast, battery level, and three other different parameters. So practically everything you are interested in is visible on the home screen. At the same time, there are quite a few skins available in the store in different styles, analog, digital, colorful, and more elegant. So you will probably find one that suits you.

The screen itself has a diagonal of 1.56 ”. A resolution of 152 × 486 pixels, and AMOLED type. So the display quality is expected at a high level and the colorful icons on a black background look very clear. Unfortunately, it is not possible to adjust the screen brightness automatically. But only manually in five steps, so for example running on a sunny day. It will be necessary to increase the brightness to the maximum. So that the visibility of the screen is correct for normal use. On the plus side, so that the screen doesn’t bother you at night. It is possible to adjust the brightness in the application after sunset.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Heart rate

Touch Screen

We already mentioned that everything on the device is controlled by touching the screen. So you will prev get your fingertips to get the so-called music control widgets on your phone and detailed weather forecasts for that and the next four days. While in the application it is possible to add more shortcuts for the most frequently used functions. Swiping up or down takes you through a list of applications that can also be customized to your own software needs and activate and deactivate certain items.

Of the available apps, there’s a standard timer as well as a Pomodoro timer. That includes an anti-harassment mode if you want to take a nap or meditate, alarm, stopwatch, and reminder, heart rate monitors, stress and oxygen saturation, activity monitoring. And review, guided breathing exercises, and mobile phone camera control. So it covers almost everything necessary for most users of this type of device.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 on hand

Mi Brand 6 Peformance

In addition, there are of course notifications that the bracelet receives from your mobile phone. Whether those about calls and messages or notifications from any application. And it should be noted that all this is turned off after you first activate the device. So you should enter the options and manually choose what you want to receive notifications for.

Notification is known with discreet vibration with a message on the screen. In which a lot of text stops, and when you view it disappears. This is not a bad solution because it is enough to see who is what and what he wants and whether you need to grab the phone or not. The microphone and answering calls are of course not part of the story. And it is something that remains reserved for some smartwatches. Probably the main reason for purchasing a smart bracelet is its fitness functions. And in that respect, Mi Band 6 brings some very good solutions.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Screen

We have already said that there is an optical sensor on the bottom of the device that monitors heart rate, stress, blood oxygen saturation, and sleep. Our impression is that it is a very good sensor that is monitored by equally good algorithms. Thus, for example, pulse tracking is quite precise and we have not encountered situations. Like on many similar devices in which the bracelet would report some strange figures in the heating phase. But all changes are monitored very quickly and reliably. A great detail that we see for the first time on a smartwatch or bracelet can connect the sensor via Bluetooth. To an external device or application and use it only as a heart rate monitor.

Additional Functions

Sleep tracking is also very good, with detailed information on all phases of sleep, reference normal values ​. And a comparison with a global user base from which you can see how your data compares to most. If you are a lady, the bracelet even follows the monthly cycle and informs you about it. Which for understandable reasons we did not test this time. As far as activity monitoring is concerned. The list of support is quite long, so it includes everything from running and cycling on the device or outdoors, to gym exercises, swimming, functional training, gymnastics, dancing, and traditional sports such as football, basketball, and more. lot.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Comparision

Activities that require GPS information are obtained from the mobile phone sensor, the so-called connected GPS, and after training, you have quite detailed information about calories burned, pace, heart rate, number and length of steps, training zones, and everything that can be useful to you. . In this sense, we must praise the Mi Fit application. This serves as a connection between the phone and the bracelet. Also, is well designed and at this moment probably one of the better solutions of this type. Software is just as important in the case of smartwatches and bracelets as hardware. So it’s good that Xiaomi has recognized this and put in the effort and resources to do something really good.

Impression In Work

In this application, you can define your goals and even add friends to compete with them. Xiaomi has come up with one thing that will be extremely useful for beginners and those who need motivation. It is a PAI parameter. This will assign a certain number of points for each of your activities. And your goal should be to collect 100 points during the week and maintain the score at that level. What is interesting in this case is that the PAI changes and adapts to your form. So as you progress the requirements will increase, but your goal is still to maintain a score of 100.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Phone

This will make things much easier for those who want to be in shape, and don’t have enough knowledge. Or they just don’t want to think too much about it. So Mi Band 6 is probably one of the best fitness tools I can get for that type of user. Even the more experienced may prefer to focus on training and let the app help them improve their form. Those who want the full picture can pair a smart scale and even smart sneakers. For Xiaomi to do that – and get and additional parameters.

As for the battery, Xiaomi states 5 days of intensive or 14 days of normal use. As well as 19 days in energy-saving mode, and in our experience. About 9 days of use with occasional activities are realistic, and if you include all available monitoring parameters. The battery lasts 4-5 days. This is quite correct considering the amount of information you receive.


In total, with a price of just € 50 on the domestic market. Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 is a great purchase for those who want to monitor their health and fitness, are motivated for an activity. Or simply want a very useful and well-designed gadget. This is the type of device from which practically everyone can benefit. So we do not doubt that it will be very popular. Either as a gift or a device that you take for yourself. Given everything it can do, as well as the way it’s all designed and done. Mi Band 6 has our recommendation.


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