SteelSeries Arctis 7P – Best Headset for PlayStation 5

SteelSeries Arctis 7P – Best Headset for PlayStation 5

SteelSeries Arctis 7P is a great gaming headset created as a combination of the Arctis 7 – still one of the best wireless headsets on the market. The wireless technologies we’ve seen with some of SteelSeries’ other models this year. Such as the Arctis 1 Wireless.

Fast and easy wireless connectivity with all supported platforms is realized through the included USB-C module. Which is simply plugged into the USB-C port of the device with which we want to pair the Arctis 7P. After that, you still have to press the “Power” button on the right handset of the headset itself, and – that’s it.


A wireless connection is established and you can start using the headset and the pull-out microphone. If you don’t have a USB-C connector on your computer, nothing. The package includes a cable that allows you to connect a USB-C module to a classic. USB Type-A port. It also comes with a 1.2-meter cable for analog headset connection to devices that have only a 3.5-millimeter audio connector. As well as a 1.5-meter Micro-USB cable for charging the built-in battery. We would have liked the charging to be done via the USB-C port.

steelseries 7p for pc

The SteelSeries stayed at the same performance as we saw with the Arctis 1 Wireless. Speaking of battery, it’s worth noting that the Arctis 7P delivers almost 30 hours of wireless operation on a single charge. So average players will charge it once or twice a week. An estimate of the remaining battery capacity is obtained through the SteelSeries Engine 3 (Windows, macOS) software. That is also used to configure the headset.

The microphone is pulled out of the left earpiece. The rubberized arm successfully maintains the desired position. And its head is equipped with a red LED. That informs us that it is switched off The microphone is pulled out of the left earpiece. The rubberized arm successfully maintains the desired position. Its head is equipped with a red LED, which informs us that it is off.


In terms of design and construction, the Arctis 7P is practically no different from the “original” Arctis 7. That is good because we are still impressed by the comfort and quality of workmanship. The dominant element of its exterior is certainly a wide, aluminum hoop, through which an elastic band is conducted, resembling the straps from ski goggles. You guessed it, this elastic band comes in contact with the scalp and takes care of evenly distributing the mass of the headset.

steelseries 7p best headphones

On the left and right sides of the hoop, brackets are placed. That allows the headphones to rotate 90 ° so that the headset can be more easily placed on a table. The headphones are shielded with solid and very fine, matte plastic, which is white in the Arctis 7P. The headphones have very comfortable pads, filled with a sponge and covered with a breathable fabric. They are much more breathable than faux leather pads.

As we see in most other headsets, but they also let in a bit more sound in both directions. Admittedly, not so much that you could annoy the housemates. The pads can be removed and replaced as needed. Which is a welcome feature in terms of the longevity of this headset. Canvas pillows are comfortable and breathable. Haters of faux leather pads will especially like it.

Incalls/In the car

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On the right handset is the Arctis 7P on/off button, which doubles as a multifunction multimedia key. With a short press, we play and pause the music. If the headset is connected to a mobile phone, one press of this key also answers and ends phone calls. Double pressing takes us to the next song, and triple returns us to the previous one. Near the mentioned button there is a wheel for regulating the function which SteelSeries calls “sidetone”. It is about microphone monitoring. The reproduction of sounds that the microphone captures through headphones.

The closer the sidetone wheel is to the end position, the louder you will hear your voice. It’s a gold-worthy feature for users whose closed headsets create a feeling of pressure in their heads. Make them talk louder than necessary, or sound too nasal. Sidetone has existed in SteelSeries headsets before, only so far it has been regulated within the driver. We welcome the transfer of its control to the wheel for several reasons. It is more intuitive and we can use it on all platforms, not just on the PC.

Proven quality

Intuitive controls are arranged around the edges of the left and right handsets. On the edge of the left earpiece, we find a button to mute the microphone (microphone head then lights up red). Volume wheel, connector included analog cable, classic 3.5 mm audio connector. Micro-USB port for charging the battery, and a retractable microphone. The microphone has also not changed compared to the original Arctis 7. The rubber arm of the microphone is designed to successfully maintain the position in which we bend it. The bidirectional capsule itself captures a clear and completely understandable voice.

SteelSeries Arctis 7P - Best Headset for pc

Although with audible compression, characteristic of microphones of most wireless headsets. For communication via Discord, Skype, Teams, Zoom, and other VoIP tools, this microphone is perfectly usable and you will not have any problems with this way of use. In terms of acoustic performance, the SteelSeries Arctis 7P uses the same speaker units as the original Arctis 7. This means it features natural, well-balanced sound. With fleshy and percussive bass, pleasant mids.

In games performance

Also and plenty of detail in the upper mid and high-frequency spectrum. Music and movies sound lavish and fun, but also unexpectedly big and wide for indoor type headphones. In games, the Arctis 7P impresses with a mere amount of information about the virtual environment in which we find ourselves. We detected the direction and distance of enemy fire with extreme ease. As well as much more subtle sounds, such as cautious stepping and changing cartridges. The Arctis 7P is an elite group of headsets that give their owners an advantage over their opponents in games like shooters.

steelseries 7p equalizer

You will be interested to know that the selected speaker units can withstand equalization. A 6-channel equalizer is available in the Engine 3 software. In the range of ± 12 dB. Here we can also activate sound compression (to equalize the volume). Set the period of automatic deactivation of the headset in case of inactivity (0-90 minutes), and control the microphone volume.


SteelSeries Engine 3 software offers a system equalizer and some other useful options. The biggest, and perhaps the only drawback of this headset is its price. That currently amounts to a whopping 150 dollars on Amazon. It should not be expected to decrease significantly in the foreseeable future.

At least judging by other SteelSeries headsets, which hold the price well. For the requested amount, you get an excellent and versatile headset. Wireless connection to computers, consoles, and mobile devices. Quality workmanship, excellent comfort, and convincing performance. Yes, all that and much more. So this headset will be the best choice for you!


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