Realme Buds Air Neo – The Best Buy AirBudds in 2021

Realme Buds Air Neo – The Best Buy AirBudds in 2021

As more and more smartphone manufacturers are giving up the 3.5mm input users are forced to adopt completely wireless headphones. It is now safe to say that they are slowly becoming a necessity, not a luxury. Following this trend, we can also see that brands offer their wireless headphones at more affordable prices. One such example is Realme Buds Air Neo. Which we had the opportunity to test.


The headphones are an affordable version of the Realme Buds Air model that came on the market in late 2019. But they have the same design, which is very reminiscent of Apple AirPods. It is difficult to overlook the similarity, especially when it comes to the model in white. The resemblance does not end there and is reflected in the charging housing. Designed in a recognizable shape. They have a button on the front for easy pairing of the device.

Realme Buds Air Neo Package

The case also has an LED indicator that glows white when the headphones are in pairing mode. Also, shows the current charge level of the charging case. The LED lights up green when the case is sufficiently charged. And orange when the battery is empty. In addition to the already mentioned white color. The Neo model also comes in green and red. Each headset itself is very light and weighs about four grams. That made completely together with a plastic case with a shiny finish.

Connection and Control

There are two options for connecting the Buds Air Neo to a smartphone. The first and simplest way is to connect a headset like any Bluetooth device. You must first, make sure that the headphones and case are full. When you open the case cover, do not remove the headphones and hold the button on the case for three seconds. After that, the indicator should flash green. Then turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone. Look for “Realme Buds Air Neo” in the list. Connect and you’re ready to use. After this simple procedure, the headphones will connect to the smartphone on autopilot after being removed from the case.

Realme Buds Air Neo Connection

Similar to Buds Air, the Realme Buds Air Neo also has a touch-sensitive surface. On top of the touch control headphones (double-tap to answer a call / play music or pause. Triple-tap to switch to the next track. Tap and hold two seconds on one handset to reject the call). On the one hand, it is good that the Buds Air Neo does not have physical keys. But only a touch surface. However, the sensitivity panel is not very high. So you have to tap quite intensely, which is not very comfortable for the ear. In addition, due to the same low sensitivity. The headphones sometimes recognize triple clicks as double. And instead of switching to the next track, they stop playback.

Connect via application

However, there is another way of synchronization. Which provides the user with pleasant bonuses. To do this, you need a Realme Link application. Through wireless devices (headphones, fitness trackers) of the company can be connected. So, after installing the application. The user registers or logs in under an existing Google account. After logging in, the app will offer to go through the identical connection process. Open the case, hold the button for three seconds and connect to Buds Air Neo in the window that appears in the application.

Realme Buds Air Neo Android

The main advantage is that you can adjust the control using the Realme Link application. That is, you can configure the action for any gesture on each handset. For example, you can set to tap the left handset three times for the previous track. Or call the voice assistant with a long delay. However, even in that way, it does not give us control of the volume of movements. Also, the application shows the charging of each of the headphones. But the disadvantage is that it is impossible to see the charging of the case.

Gaming mode

Interestingly, the headphones have another feature – “game mode”. Ie Super Latency Mode. It is enough to hold the “keys” on both headphones for two seconds for mod activation. After that, you can hear the start sound of the car. This means that the mode is activated. The main feature of the gaming mode is that the data transfer speed between the smartphone and the handset increases. And the delay decreases. While we have no objections to the quality of the transfer even in the default mode. It may mean something to mobile players and find useful use in this mode. That can be switched off, in the same way. With the switch-off accompanied by pleasant music instead of car sounds.

Realme Buds Air Neo Battery

Performance and battery

The Realme Buds Air Neo comes with a custom chipset. The R1 wireless chip and features a 13mm driver. This chip uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The case has a micro-USB port on the bottom for charging and which distinguishes it. The original Realme Buds Air is that it does not offer support for wireless charging. As well as the noise cancellation system, which is our favorite thing about these Budds. The price is very affordable. Some additional features, such as automatic playback pause, when one earpiece is removed from the ear, and the other. have also disappeared, but the characteristics, battery life, and design have remained the same.

Because the headphones do not have a silicone tip. they offer practically no passive insulation. And you can hear almost everything that is happening around you at low volume. During testing. The Neo model withstood a shade below three hours fully charged before one of the headphones ran out of power. This is close to what the company claims and the standard for this category. The filling case manages to fill these bugs four more times before the case asks for filling again. That’s a total spare battery of just under 15 hours, which is quite decent.

Realme Buds Air Neo Budds


Realme Buds Air Neo are headphones for those who want to get rid of wires without spending a large sum. Yes, the headphones are not perfect. Answering calls in noisy places is not recommended. Also, the battery life can be more improved. However, for 40$, as much as the headphones cost in the USA. This puts them in the rank of more affordable on the market. They are quite good and comfortable. Features such as Google Fast Pair, gaming mode, waterproof IPX4, and the accompanying application, are very useful items that can attract many customers. If you ask us for our opinion, we will give you a full recommendation from us for these headphones…


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