Quietest Computer Case: Cooler Master Silencio S600

Quietest Computer Case: Cooler Master Silencio S600

Noisy case with strong fans as usual, but what happens when someone wants a quiet and well-cooled case?  Are there any solutions? Certainly, so at least they claim in Cooler Master. Which has been offering a special Silencio series in its range for years. Today we present the latest S600 model from the Silencio series, a housing developed in cooperation with one of the most famous companies that deal with noise measurement.

The Cooler Master Silencio 600 is a case that seeks its users in the segment of classic midi tower models. Targeting especially those who appreciate the work of these computers, so logically. “Silencio” has found its place in the label of this model. Of course, this case does not sacrifice other important features of a quality midi tower model. So we can briefly describe it as an interesting combination: thermal features, good value for money, and above-average acoustic properties. It is in short the new Cooler Master Silencio S600.

Quitest computer case


The first thing you notice is the ascetic look and design of the large flat, almost consistent black surfaces. The minimalist design, flat surfaces, and cut side up to the height of the power tunnel are suggestive of some newer trends in this class of “midi tower” that is followed by other premium brands.

All to configure high-performance computers. However, the most important feature of the new Silencio S600 is its low acoustic echo and extremely low noise level during operation. To achieve such features. Cooler Master worked closely and intensively with Sorama. An expert firm in the field of sound and noise, to design the Silencio S600. The task was not at all easy because it was necessary to design an affordable and great case in terms of noise reduction. Which at the same time, with its overall high level of performance. Will oppose the competition in the higher price class.

Cooler Master case in work

Without extreme twisting and discussion, we can conclude that every user’s goal assembles an ideal computer. Whether it is a gaming, office, home, or professional workstation, is to work quietly and to be cool. This is easier said than done in reality and includes many hours and tests with different materials and the design of the internal structure of the case. To make it quieter, the Silencio S600 uses large surfaces coated with sound-absorbing material.


Combining this with the lightweight construction of the main body structure. Much attention is paid to details such as device mounting positions that do not require additional parts and the use of mounting tools. As well as special absorbing support for hardware components that eliminate small sounds and resonances generated during system operation. At the same time, such solutions make it easier to assemble computers and entire PC configurations.

In its base configuration, the Silencio S600 arrives with the side closed. Flat black surface, straight lines simply absorb light and sound with its solid appearance. In the closed-page version, the reduction of sound coming from inside the computer during operation is maximum. Still, Cooler Master also thought of those who want a balance of quiet and beautiful. So as an option it also offered a transparent glass side made of tempered glass that provides a view into the interior of your PC configuration. It is a transparent side panel that covers the side surfaces of the housing.


RGB Computer Case

The flat front panel has a door function on a magnetic mechanism. It is made of double sheet metal. On the upper, top panel, there is also a part with connectors that are integrated into the housing mask. The so-called I / O panel features a stylized hexagonal Cooler Master logo with LED edging. A reset button with integrated LED dido also shows disk system activity. A pair of classic USB 3.0 ports. A four-pole 3.5 mm headphone and microphone jack, and finally an integrated SD reader memory card. These connectors are arranged “in a column”, which is now the “signature” on the CM housings.

Power and Cooling

Otherwise, the Silencio S600 comes with two built-in 120 mm fans. One is located in the central position of the front panel and injects fresh air inside. The other is located in the rear in the standard position behind the CPU socket and its role is to take the heated air out of the respective zone. The fans are mounted on the housing with rubber vibration dampers and what is characteristic is a fairly long 4-core cable for PWM operation control. When it comes to the interior space of the main cell. It is a regular square shape, except that we were surprised by the presence of a cage for mounting a 5.25 ”device.

Best cooling fans

Which fortunately can be easily removed. This move is also necessary if you want to mount a tank with a water-cooled coolant or a pair of 140 mm fans. The free space on the front. Intended for mounting 240/380 mm large radiators and accompanying fans, is 8 cm. There is less space in the top position, more precisely 3.5 cm. Finally, if you opt for an air CPU cooler, you can mount one with a body maximum of 167 mm. The space for the graphics card accommodates those with a length of up to 40 cm. While the power depot provides a position for models with a length of 180 mm.

Memory slots

In the power tunnel area closer to the front, the Silencio S600 has a dedicated cage that can accommodate three (3) classic 3.5 ”hard drives. At the top of the power tunnel. There are positions for mounting three (3) 2.5” SSDs. Additionally, there are positions on the back of the motherboard support to hold one 3.5 ”HDD and two 2.5” SSDs. Let’s not forget the cage for receiving the old 5.25 ”DVD player. At the back, behind the motherboard support, there is a space for cabling and hiding cables. That will be welcomed by those who deal with assembling computers in detail and eliminating cables from prying eyes that do not forgive aesthetic mistakes when assembling PC configurations.

Clean computer case

Impressions in work

The Silencio S600 proved to be excellent. As soon as you start working and removing the sides. This is a new generation midi tower model. Their modular nature is designed to turn the assembly of the computer into a real pleasure. The various computer subsystems are logically separated into units so that you can easily access them. You can easily route the cables to them and. With the help of a couple of ties, remove them from the view provided by the transparent glass page.

If you want a quiet “machine”. We advise you to use enough configuration of components that excludes the currently strongest ones. That is usually the most heated, because in that configuration with a presence of two basic fans. The flow inside is just enough to provide that basic level. If you have in mind the installation of more powerful components. “Open” the air vents and install the maximum number of fans. Ventilation will be more efficient. But the noise emitted by the computer will increase slightly. Warm air is expelled from the interior by the operation of a 12 cm fan from the back. This creates a flow of 1.7 m / s. With the regular temperature of warm air being 33 degrees Celsius.


Cooler Master Silencio S600

We conclude that the CM has managed to adjust the different requirements of quiet operation and good ventilation with the Silencio S600 model. Even better is that the numerous options present allow you to customize the character of this case. On the go and according to the current configuration needs. Most importantly, it works in operation. It is one of the most complete mid-tower models that allow the user to choose between good cooling performance or quiet operation.


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