PlayStation 4: Still worth in 2021?

PlayStation 4: Still worth in 2021?

When the PlayStation 5 was announced, it made a big boom in the world, the absolute power of a console in state-of-the-art case, at a not so strong price. Now we’re talking about his predecessor, the PlayStation4 console. which came out back in 2013 and will forever have a place in the hearts of real gamers. We will review the PlayStation 4 console today, and conclude whether it is worth buying today and at what price we can get it, stay with us…

PlayStation4 SLIM vs PRO

The first thing we’ll look at is the specs of the console itself. The PlayStation has been offering the PlayStation4 Slim and the much more powerful PlayStation4 Pro since its release date, but what’s really the difference between these two editions?

Sony has also released slim versions of the PlayStation in the past a few years after the release of the console itself. Slim versions usually offer more physical differences than the specifications, this is the case now. A significant difference in features and performance comes with the PlayStation 4 Pro, and even then the difference isn’t big unless you own a 4K TV with HDR support.

Although many TVs are owned today, this may not be the case with your TV, having HDR means that the colors will be more vivid and realistic in all aspects of these games. Open map games and games that are graphically demanding, in general, will be displayed on your screen with a lot of beautiful details. That will make your time spent playing on your console more beautiful.

The biggest difference between the original PS4 and the Slim PS4 is power consumption. Sony claims that the new PS4 has a maximum power of 165 watts, which sounds impressive in addition to the original 250 W max. This change in power consumption means that the “slim” PS4 will consume much less power while performing the same tasks. Which will mean lower power consumption. The Slim version is more budget-friendly.

Games and Features

One of the best things about the PS4 is a huge game library, and how not, the console is officially 8 years old. With almost 3,000 games available on the PS4, there is something to be found for everyone. Whether you like action games, shooters, racing, sports, or RPGs. To almost anything, you can imagine.

PlayStation Plus

When it comes to playing with others online, Sony offers PlayStation Plus. This service gives you access to network multiplayer. It also comes with exclusive discounts for members, which makes sense since PlayStation+ is not free. Prices range from $ 10 and up depending on the plan you choose. For complete enjoyment of games like GTA V that is an experience to play online, PlayStation+ is recommended.

After the release of the PlayStation5 console, games for PS4 have never been cheaper (and will fall more). Your favorite titles like The Last of Us, Assassin’s Creed, GTA V, Red Dead Redemption, and others…


Prices for the console have dropped sharply with the release of the PlayStation5, which is also a big advantage. We can find used, refurbished, or brand new. Prices range from 150-400$. There are also special editions that can fetch a staggering $ 800 which is it pays off in our opinion because for that money we can have a PlayStation5 and still have money left for a couple of games.

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Should buy PS4 in 2020?

Do you buy Play Station4 or add more money for PS5? Well, even with the release of the PS5 console, the PS4 is not outdated nor will it. PS4 live you will still be able to download and play the latest games. So the answer is YES! It pays off, it is still a powerful console on which you will still be able to play the latest games with very good graphics. If you do not have a powerful 4k TV then PS4 slim will be enough, in our opinion the most cost-effective solution. PS4 has not lost anything with the release of a new console in addition to the fall in the price of games and other things like controllers, steering wheels.

If you have not yet decided or are still thinking, Take a look at the offer we gave you under the title price: order a console today and enjoy the charms of winter days.


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