ASRock x570 Steel Legend: Best mid-range motherboard

AMD Ryzen processors are at the zenith of popularity whether it is the Ryzen 3, 5, 7, or the strongest Ryzen 9 for the AM4 platform. And while in the case of entry-level models, customers mostly opt for cheaper versions of motherboards with A320 and B450 chipset. Those with Ryzen 5 and stronger models are happy to look in the […]

Redragon Zeus: Best Cheap Gaming Headphones

Sail into the world of great sound with Redragon Zeus gaming headphones. First of all, quality design, very low price, and great sound, these headphones can be classified as the best buy category when it comes to gaming headphones in the range of up to a hundred dollars. Redragon is a company known for its affordable and budget-friendly gaming peripherals […]

Best Buy Laptop: Huawei Matebook X Pro

Beautiful, light, and durable, in one word, a sophisticated device. Huawei Matebook X Pro has surprised many with its burst offer of top-quality notebooks, and we must admit that the competition is worried because these are the top computers in certain categories. Matebook X only confirms the statement in question. The bottom line is that this notebook is nice to […]

Best Buy Gaming Monitor 240Hz: Acer XB253Q

If you already have a good gaming computer or you are lucky – or rather a lot of luck, to grab a good graphics card in all this madness, you will also need a good gaming monitor, and their choice at this moment seems to be better than the choice of the cards themselves. Stay with us and discover a […]

Best Gaming Headphones-Corsair HS60 Haptic

Finding the right gaming headphones for a reasonable price can take you a lot of time, which is why we are here, and there are also Corsair HS60 gaming headphones. Which left a great impression on us. . This USB headset comes with great Taction technology. Which is responsible for shaking the ear shells, when the built-in speaker units produce […]

Cheap gaming laptop: Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3i

While the Legion 5 series is beating the battle of Lenovo in the more demanding gaming laptop market. IdeaPad Gaming is a real “mainstream” laptop with a better price and approximately powerful basic hardware specifications. Today we present the latest version of the IdeaPad Gaming 3i laptop, which is in direct competition with the Acer Nitro 5 and similar models. […]

HP Omen 17- Best Gaming Laptop

Dive into the gaming world with the amazing HP Omen that can run almost ALL games, and guess what, Omen series is designed specifically for gamers. Compared to its predecessor, this new HP Omen 17 with RTX graphics has seriously improved the overall performance of the laptop. With 144-Hz screen offers a great image with much more light than before. […]

BestBuy laptop: Asus VivoBook 15

Making an ideally good and not overly expensive computer is not easy, the average user expects to get the most for their money, and especially some kind of reserve when it comes to the future relevance of the computer over the years of use. Asus’s answer to this is Asus VivoBook 15. The modern portable device of the middle class […]