LG 27GN600 Gaming Monitor – Best Buy Nano IPS Screen?

LG 27GN600 Gaming Monitor – Best Buy Nano IPS Screen?

The new LG 27GN600 is a 27 ”gaming model with a standard combination of Full HD resolution and 144Hz refresh. Official support for Nvidia G-Sync, and more. So let’s see what you can expect from this model if you’re looking for a new gaming monitor, you can expect a lot from this model.

Design and features

First of all, when it comes to design. LG has offered something that is both recognizable and different. Of the recognizable elements. there is a V-shaped stand with red accents. This is a bit simplified compared to last year and only supports tilt adjustment up and down. But not height adjustment or rotation. And if you need it. You have the option to either put something under the monitor or possibly mount it on a VESA bracket or arm. VESA is also supported.

LG screen quality

Another recognizable element is the red circle on the back. That has already become a trademark of the LG gaming monitor and which we must admit attracts attention. Because several people who saw it commented on how good it looks. A novelty compared to last year is the Ultra Gear logo. Instead of the traditional LG logo, we all know well, apparently to highlight this gaming series of products.

The new logo is in a red variant. Like some wings, and many users may not immediately realize that it represents two letters. Whether this is better or worse, judge for yourself. It certainly looks more “gaming”. Although the standard logo imprinted in black plastic on last year’s models looked maybe a little more elegant inside the circle.On the front. The LG 27GN600 looks like most modern monitors.

New LG logo

With a slim bezel and 5mm of extra margin, a slightly wider bottom strip houses the LG logo. As well as the inevitable nVidia sticker. Also, the screen comes with the usual Anti-Glare coating. So it reduces light reflections quite well in daytime conditions. What we welcome is the mini joystick located in the middle below the panel. Also serves to turn on and control the menu. So it is the most practical solution that will do whatever you need the fastest. Even when the first contact with the monitor…


Lg monitor ports

In addition to the logo. There are also connectors. Which are again in a very convenient place and oriented backward. This is far more practical than the usual location at the bottom of the back. As with most other manufacturers. In the section, you will find one DisplayPort 1.4 and two HDMI 2.0 ports. All three of which support the maximum resolution and refresh. There is also a headphone jack. A service USB port, and a power connector to which an external adapter of relatively compact dimensions is connected.

The design of the menu is also a gaming. Very clear and with a good organization of items. The panel of this model, as we mentioned. Is 27 ”and Full HD resolution, Ie 1920×1080 pixels. This is a very basic option nowadays, although less hardware demanding… And maybe even better for those who have slightly more modest hardware. Or want to take advantage of high refreshment. The sharpness of the text display, as on other models of this diagonal and resolution. Not ideal, but it is correct if you do not have too strict criteria.

Display Colours

Nvidia monitor

The panel itself is IPS type, so the viewing angles are very good, but on the other hand, there is a moderate IPS glow. As well as a slight penetration of light that we noticed on the tested sample in the upper left corner. Which fortunately can only be seen when you observe a black background or some dark content in complete darkness. The LG 27GN600 gaming monitor support an 8-bit display per color channel. More precisely the panel is 6-bit with the use of FRC.

Still surprisingly able to display a very good 85.5% DCI-P3 spectrum. As well as of course the complete sRGB spectrum. Such a wide gamut for an affordable gaming monitor is here primarily due to HDR capabilities. Because it supports HDR10 and therefore playing games in HDR mode. His maximum brightness of 342 nits that we measured though insufficient for an HDR experience that differs significantly from that in the standard definition and practically boils down to a slightly better color rendering. When it comes to colors, out of 7 factory image modes.

LG monitor

The best performance is offered by the RTS mode. With a Delta E deviation of 3.9 and a fairly high brightness that allows the aforementioned gamut coverage. The highest contrast is available in HDR Effect mode, straight 1000: 1. While the natural contrast of the panel is slightly lower, around 900: 1. The monitor supports the option of dynamically adjusting the overall brightness to slightly expand the dynamic range between dark and light scenes.

That works relatively transparently. Just only when there is no scene on the screen that contains both very bright and very dark details. The settings related to the image are very detailed. So the theoretical monitor can be calibrated quite well. It requires appropriate equipment, so we doubt that the target audience of this model will be particularly interested in it.

What is VESA standard

Screen quality

In terms of gaming performance, the LG 27GN600 comes with a 144Hz panel refresh. It is still mostly enough for most users, especially in this price range. As long as your computer rarely exceeds fps of more than 144 in the games you play. This model supports variable refresh on both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. With official G-Sync Compatible and AMD Freesync Premium certifications, and in that sense. It worked flawlessly during gaming testing.

As for the response of the panel. We are already used to the fact that the newer generation of IPS models offers quite good performance, although in this case. They may not be at the level of the best-tested models – officially 1ms, and realistically about 4. What contributes to the impression is almost perfect set the overdrive panel to the Fast option which is also the default. So the sharpness of moving objects in games is very good for 144Hz.

Best LG gaming monitor

There is a slight overshoot, ie inverse ghosting. While the normal and off settings are a bit more blurry than Fast. There is also the option of strobing the backlight to improve the response. That manages to lower the response to close to 1ms. True with a slight inverse ghosting. Although it can not be used simultaneously with a variable refresh. So as always very questionable usability. Except perhaps for some emulators retro arcade machines.

What should be praised is the input lag that we measured at an excellent 8.6ms. Very close to the best results we got on our model with our instrument. Of the additional gaming options in the menu, only the Black Equalizer further raises the black level for easier spotting of opponents in the shadows. As well as the option to display targets from a predefined list.

Lg screen settings


All in all, the LG 27GN600 gaming monitor is a model at a relatively affordable price. You can find this model for just 350$ provides a very solid package for those who first need a monitor for gaming and general… Non-professional use. A solidly large screen that shouldn’t be bigger for PC gaming. Very good refresh and responsiveness, great input lag, and generally a very decent experience in competitively oriented games will be enough to satisfy those who want a great gaming monitor and don’t want to spend too much money. This LG model would be the best choice if you want a great-middle-class gaming monitor.


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