Huawei SmartWatch 3 – The Best SmartWatch in August 2021.

Huawei SmartWatch 3 – The Best SmartWatch in August 2021.

Huawei has brought the Watch 3 series of smartwatches and seemingly promised a lot, and fulfilled even more. There are a handful of new sensors. But also a new HarmonyOS 2 platform that brings new features and options, including what previous generations of watches lacked. A new ecosystem with the ability to install additional applications. Is everything as beautiful in practice as on paper?

The world of smartwatches is relatively sharply divided. On the one hand, we have Huawei models. Which are well covered with basic functions and their battery lasts a very long time (weeks). But so far they have not had a platform that would allow the installation of additional functions and applications. Samsung’s big rival had it, but its battery lasts only a few days. There is also Apple, which the company typically arrogantly assigned to work from morning to evening because someone in the management thinks it should.

Best Smart Watch Ever

So do their watches, just like their phones (desperate battery, ugly design, lack of biometric protection… ). Become semi-usable products, not because of their functions, but basic flaws. In the end, there are still specialized manufacturers (for example, Garmin or Fossil). That targets exactly a certain group (cyclists, athletes, runners) or those for whom a beautiful design is all that is needed. And their products are mostly (too) expensive. Huawei Watch 3 Pro, in a strange way, manages to offer (almost) everything listed here.


It is up to the user to determine what and how to use it. But we can say that the five-day autonomy is quite reasonable in practice and that we did not have a special need to turn off something. It’s not about a day or two of use so that we felt “battery anxiety” and caught ourselves in situations to start and ask if the battery will last long enough. It just doesn’t happen. So in that respect, the Watch 3 Pro is satisfying. Who wants to panic looking for an outlet, it is known – for him it is Apple.

Best Huawei Watch

The watch itself is quite robust, “real men’s”, so to speak. Indeed, we do not see members of the fairer sex as fans of this watch, because the Watch 3 Pro is large (46 × 46 mm). Our package includes a brown leather bracelet. But it is a standard interchangeable bracelet. So you can buy one or more spare ones yourself and complete the look following your wishes or fashion combination.

The case is made of titanium and ceramic, and the screen is made of sapphire glass. The Watch 3 Pro looks “worldly”, very striking, and dominant, the impression of workmanship and design is really at the highest level. When we add this to the fact that you can change the look of the watch’s background. The so-called “Watch Face”. in a thousand ways. The “impression of the impression” is at the maximum level. As long as you are, we repeat, a fan of larger phones.

Advanced Platform

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If you have had enough of the features that Huawei has offered on its smartwatches so far. And which, to be honest has been quite a number. You probably didn’t have any particular objections to the use value. It is now at an even higher level. Thanks to the integration of the HarmonyOS 2 platform. Which will be found on other smart devices of this company. From phones, watches, to TVs and other devices. It will work best in an integrated system. But also in combination with non-Huawei devices, it offers plenty of options and possibilities.

The Huawei Watch 3 Pro comes with a pre-installed AppGallery app store. Which dramatically increases the versatility of the watch. Thanks to it, you can download additional third-party applications and in that way enrich the watch with new functions and adapt it completely to your wishes. Huawei has worked on the interface, but also the controls. So now we have gestures that will be even more in the future. And This allows you, for example. To answer a call via Bluetooth and the like by folding your palm into a fist. And opening your hand abruptly.

Huawei Smart Watch 3

Also, for more precise control of the clock. Instead of one ordinary button. The rotating crown is implemented. By moving which you move through the options and change the display of information. And by pressing you to activate a certain option. There is another standard button below. Which can be programmed for various functions. But notice that we now have one button-down and a crown up. Which leads to a certain degree of asymmetry in the visual sense.

Can Regulate Temperature?

Okay, so we have a more advanced and enriched platform. For which we sacrificed something autonomy. It seems acceptable and reasonable, doesn’t it? What else is new and, the question of all questions, have the previous functions been improved or have they remained at the same level as in the previous generations of smartwatches? The answer is unambiguous – “yes and no”… Let’s go in order.

Huawei Watch 3

Huawei Watch 3 Pro allows you to monitor several health parameters. And thanks to the new sensor. For the first time among them is the monitoring of skin temperature. However, there is one “catch” here – since the temperature is measured on the limb through which the bloodstream does not go often, the temperature is not the famous “36.5” Celsius, but the normal temperature is in the range of 33 to 35 degrees. The sensor will certainly help you to register any increase in temperature. But you need to keep this fact in mind. There are also new fall warning functions, as well as quick activation of the SOS call. Which contacts the selected person from the directory, which can be extremely important in critical situations

The smartwatch also helps with insight into heart rate, SpO2, sleep quality, blood pressure, and so on. However, we would only characterize the blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) as improved. The sensor is better, more precise, clearer, and better measures the level of saturation. And supports continuous measurement. As for the other sensors, they certainly allow you to monitor your health daily. But we have not seen a more precise meter, heart rate, and the like. It has remained at the level of the previous generation.

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Improve Your Daily Routine

This is not a bad thing, just keep in mind that there are no significant improvements. There is a detailed graphic presentation of deep and “fragile” sleep, the duration of the REM phase. You will also receive interpretations of the displayed data. As well as various recommendations, on how to improve the quality of sleep. The same goes for stress, which is also taken into account. As well as pressure, simply, this way you have an insight into your health condition every day, simply and efficiently.

The same can be said for various types of exercise – a step forward, but is it enough? So, for example, you have more than 100 exercise modes available. This section has received improvements on several grounds. It’s not just about the number, but simply the selection of exercises is better designed and they are done better. There are no more obscure sports that I guess every hundred-thousandth inhabitant of the planet does. At the same time, there are more options for advising on exercise and tracking progress. The exercises are much better designed. There is also a graphical display of the most popular exercises. Which is all a step in the right direction.

Huawei Smart Watch

On the other hand, there is still, say, no integration with the Strava app and other popular exercise apps. So the Watch 3 Pro on that side didn’t offer a reason for users like Garmin watches to think well. Such integration would certainly contribute to a drastic increase in users since a huge number of recreational and active athletes use it. This application is in their daily training. However, the previous generations of watches also gained numerous new functions over time. So we will see what all that will come out of.

For a better everyday life

When we talk about “everyday” functions. We also have a lot of improvements. Thanks to a lot of built-in memory (2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage), a lot of space is open for new possibilities, functions, applications, as well as better-designed solutions compared to the previous ones. A great example of this claim is listening to music. Not only can you store far more songs than before (the previous generation watches had 4GB of storage. But only about 2GB was the maximum available for that purpose). But through the Huawei Music app, songs are automatically synced to your phone ( for now only through this app).

So once you sync your phone with your smartwatch, playlists, and songs. Of course, you can use Bluetooth headphones to enjoy music by listening to it directly from the watch. Without having to carry a mobile phone with you, which is ideal for running or the gym. The phone receives call notifications. As well as messages, and if the phone is “within range”, you can call someone, since the Watch 3 Pro has a built-in speaker and microphone. That option is very functional. Overall, the experience of watching the clock is very good, because the screen is big, clear, bright – a real AMOLED! If you are the owner of one of the predecessors based on LiteOS (Huawei Watch GT and beyond). You will find the interface extremely easy.


In the end, we come to the item that imposes itself. When we know all the possibilities and options of the new watch. We should draw the line and ask ourselves if the price is in line with that? Namely, it is noticeable that the prices of smartwatches are growing from generation to generation and, this has already reached a level that is and many above what they would be willing to set aside for a smartwatch. Huawei Watch 3 Pro costs around 350$!

At the same time, objectively, you have a good part of the functionality on the previous models. If the prices are on a par with the previous generation or just above. The Huawei Watch 3 Pro would be an easy recommendation. Nicer, more robust design, new features, new sensors, support for third-party applications (finally), plenty of space. We recommend you Huawei Watch 3 as “Best Buy” smart watch!


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