HP Pavilion Gaming 15 – The starter Gaming Laptop

HP Pavilion Gaming 15 – The starter Gaming Laptop

The HP Pavilion Gaming 15 is another option in choosing an affordable yet powerful enough laptop. To work and play with. The competition in this class is fierce, but the Gamer Pavilion has its qualities as well as its flaws. Still, HP is a big name with all the advantages. That goes with one of its devices and may not be visible on the first “ball”. But they are certainly present and come to the fore during use …

The HP Pavilion Gamer 15 is another fighter in the arena of the most affordable, as far as it can be, gaming laptops. For 900-1000 €. It is looking for its place among the sharp Acer Nitro, Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming, and other competitors. It’s not easy for him, yet HP is a big name in the notebook market. So the logical question is why that wouldn’t be the case with the Pavilion Gaming model as well. In fact, with this model. It is becoming more and more interesting in this interesting class of laptops which. Apart from gaming, can also be used for some more serious work in applications.

HP laptop

Design and features

At first glance, its appearance is undoubtedly reminiscent of the HP Omen series. First of all, with its shell shape and how the screen is opened. He is connected to the case with a centrally placed hinge. And while the outer edges of the monitor rise. The part on the base on the back is made up of two large openings on each side for blowing warm air.

The screen is 15.6 inches and its back is made of matte black Black Shadow plastic with a centrally placed HP logo in a green mirror effect. The IPS panel is bordered by relatively thin side frames and a slightly larger top where a wide-angle HD webcam and a pair of microphones are housed. The screen displays 1920×1080 pixels and its surface is matte. We already know that the screens in this initial class of gaming models are not something special. And such is the case with the Pavilion Gaming model. Which has a brightness of measured 285 nits and a contrast of 1530: 1.

HP Pavilion design

When you first install the OS, you will be surprised by the lack of dynamics of the displayed image. Which is a consequence of the lower lighting that only comes into place when you install the driver for the built-in graphics processor. Until then, the buttons for increasing and decreasing the light intensity do not even react. The image is of solid sharpness. While the color equally deserves a solid rating. Exactly at the minimum that will satisfy the gaming purpose of this laptop and nothing more.


In the part below the screen, there is an unusual zone of obstructed perforation. Which has an interesting shape of indentations and bulges to break the monotony of the black surface. And at the same time provide an additional zone of ventilation of the processor and graphics chip. At the same time, sound comes from these holes, as indicated by the present Bang & Olufsen logo. That signed the sound system on this model. So this unusual part of the Pavilion gets its full meaning and gives a dose of originality to this “mainstream” laptop gamer.

HP Pavilion Gaming 15 Keyboard

By the way, Pavilion Gaming uses a black theme with green details. The markings, the logo, the present backlight of the keyboard. And the side surfaces of the caps are made in green. Unlike the red theme of the more expensive Omen models. Whether it was supposed to be an association to the built-in GeForce. Or something else, it is still not possible to change the lighting in the RGB spectrum. This is the case with the competition, after all. The keyboard is large, full-format with a numeric part and extends the entire width of the central part of the laptop.

Literally from edge to edge with a slightly larger distance between the comfort buttons. It in turn has a very soft and insensitive membrane suspension. We commend the presence of localized characters on the keyboard. On the other hand, we were bothered by shorter cursor keys for up and down. The “touchpad” is at the standard height of the task. It has completely fulfilled its role. With the indication that it can be turned off during gaming. Which I warmly recommend.

HP Pavilion in game

Connectivity and Ports

The Gamer Pavilion deserves praise when it comes to available connections. On the left side are available: one 10 Gbps USB-C with a Power delivery function. That charges other mobile devices while the laptop is turned off. And along the way, it also has the function of DisplayPort 1.4 connectors. There’s another standard USB-A with 3.2 first-generation specifications and a charging function. Then a full-size HDMI 2.0 connector, an RJ 45 LAN connector. And an SD memory card reader slot.

We especially like that all ports are marked in detail. With legible green markings so that there is no confusion about the proper connection of external devices. On the other side, there is a connector for a power adapter. Then a pair of USB-A 3.2 connectors with a transfer of 5 Gbps. And a combined 3.5mm audio connector for headphones and a microphone. We end the list with an LED indication of the activity of the built-in SSD device.

HP Pavilion 15 ports


On the underside of the computer base, only the accentuated part with ventilation openings can be seen. When we talk about the built. In hardware platform Pavilion Gamer 15-ice marked DK-1088. It is based on Intel Core i5 10th generation processor. Model i5-10300H, which hides 4 physical. Ie 8 logical cores in the Windows operating system. This processor has a clock of 2.5GHz with a turbo, technology accelerates to a maximum of 4.5GHz. Power is provided by the Intel HM470 motherboard. And let’s mention the integrated Intel UHD graphics core. That acts as the primary graphics adapter.

For gaming and GPU accelerated applications use the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti. With 1024 CUDA cores and 4 GB of local GDDR6 video memory connected by a 128-bit bus. Quite enough for the initial gaming level in the context. Of the supported Full HD resolution of the built-in screen. Unfortunately, only 8 GB of DDR4-2933 memory is built-in. In a single-channel configuration. This certainly leads to penalties in the form of once poor gaming performance and lower fps in games. Those are sensitive to such a configured RAM system. Fortunately, another free slot is available for the SO-DIMM RAM module.

HP Pavilion Gaming 15 Best Gaming

Mermory Capacitety and Battery

For installation of the operating system. Application as well as data storage. There is an M.2 SSD PCIe with a capacity of 512GB. The computer has only one M.2 slot for an SSD. But there is extra space for a 2.5 ”hard drive or high-capacity SSD. The connection to the network is provided by the presence of a Gigabit LAN controller. Support for internet and network connection is provided by Realtek’s 802.11ac controller. So it is a 2×2 MIMO WiFi 5 wireless communication standard with mandatory BT5.0 support. A bit unexpected as the competition has largely switched to the WiFi 6 standard.

Battery autonomy is insure by a three-cell lithium-ion-polymer battery. With a capacity of 52.5 Wh. Charged by an external rectifier with a power of 150W. The computer has a quick charge option which means you can charge 50% of the battery capacity in 45 minutes. And for the very end of the feature review. The HP Pavilion Gamer 15 weighs 2 kilograms and 230 grams and comes in a case measuring 36cm wide, 25.6cm was deep and 2.34cm thick.

HP Pavilion in Photoshop

Impressions in work

When we talk about the experience of this computer. We can tell you that it is good. No less and no more than that. It turned out better than similar ones that arrived with that incomprehensibly configured single-channel memory system. And where every frame counts and counts. But it is also visibly slower than similar dual-channel configured laptops of a similar class. As you can see from the charts shown. We like that the SuperSpeed ​​USB-C works flawlessly when copying data and there aren’t those sinister interruptions in the middle of the operation. Caused by the fact that the system is logging the device out of sheer peace of mind.

Gaming performance will fully satisfy “casual” gamers, recreational gamers, and beginners. You will even play nicely with some more graphically demanding single-player games with optimization of graphic details. Mostly this Pavilion justifies Gamer in its name. You can improve performance by 5-20% by installing another SO-DIMM memory module that will honor you and gain in more demanding applications such as Premiere or work in Photoshop. Honest advice is to do it right away. You will need to have it serviced later because the edges of the device fit. Pretty well and the gaps at the joints are minimal. It is very difficult to open, ie you must have the appropriate tools. In general, the quality of workmanship is good. Despite the seemingly predominant impression of matte cheap plastic.

HP Pavilion Gaming 15

Power Supply and Additional Features

This Pavilion Gamer, even though it does not have “top-notch” specifications. Works great, ie every functional part, whether it is WiFi, battery, refrigerator, or something else. And that works great without any improvisations. Or any hidden flaws and compromises. This is the result of the reputation of a mega-brand like Hewlett Packard.

When it comes to heating, we must point out that the system of separate coolers and centrifugal fans for CPU and GPU. Which are placed on opposite sides of the case. We would say that the choice of processor and graphics chip is great for a computer for this purpose. Which is what the measured values ​​say during intensive gaming or work in applications. We measured a maximum of 44 degrees in the right part of the keyboard. While under the WASD keys it was around 35-37 degrees. The palm rest and the touchpad did not exceed 30 degrees. While the warmest zone was the external exhaust with a temperature of about 50 degrees. And what is equally important in these situations. The computer is very quiet with 29-30dB of noise in operation.

HP Pavilion Gaming 15 Gaming

During gaming, the laptop consumes a maximum of 95-123W of electricity energy. In some everyday work scenarios of medium hardware load, the autonomy is 4 hours. It takes him an hour and a half to fully charge the battery. Lastly, it is important to note, that this model comes without a licensed Windows operating system.


When we summarize the impressions, we conclude that the HP Pavilion Gamer 15 is a solid laptop in the class of initial gaming models. He has his e disadvantages, but also advantages over direct Acer Nitro or Lenovo IdeaGame competition. This was a test of the Pavilion Gamer 15 mainstream gaming laptop. We hope we’ve made it easier for you to choose your new notebook to work with and play with. And this is just another one that can go into a wider selection.


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