Honor Watch ES – Your Personal Trainer

Honor Watch ES – Your Personal Trainer

The Honor Watch and a bracelet are not something that is seen every day. In theory, this risks turning down users who need an affordable gadget for every day. As well as those who want a slightly more luxurious smartwatch feel. However, when done properly. Such a joint can merge seemingly incompatible and prove to be almost ideal.

Honor managed to combine a smart bracelet, which is a typical fitness gadget, with a smartwatch. The result is the Honor Watch ES, which is also relatively affordable. Given the rapid rise in smartwatch prices on the market. And how well she will cope in the role of a fitness companion. A participant in an easy adventure, outside the city, as well as a stylish accessory and fashion expression. Universal, so to speak.

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A very positive thing is the large screen. Which is above average in size and practically bigger than all smartwatches. The 1.64-inch AMOLED display is larger than the typical screen, plus it covers a large area of ​​the wrist. The subjective impression is very good. Especially because the exceptional screen is used in the best way – the navigation is quite comfortable thanks to the easier scrolling. and there is room for some experiments that will set the Chinese manufacturer apart from the competition. What is it all about?

Exercise with a graphic display

The larger screen of the conveniently shaped surface was used, above all, for the presentation of animations. So now the Honor Watch ES comes with as many as 44 animated exercises. Where you will have a detailed graphical representation of all the movements you need to make while performing the exercise. That can be a great benefit for amateurs. We went a few steps further, so we have 12 exercise guides, also animated. A virtual coach, in the full sense of the word.

Honor Watch ES

The smartwatch monitors a variety of fitness activities of various types (95 in total). For running, hiking, walking, skiing, and swimming. While the ES can recognize current activity and automatically offer the option of training. Or monitoring parameters. If you walk, will ask you if you want to activate a long walk exercise. Or if you run, will ask you if you want to activate a running exercise, etc.


Of course, the Watch ES constantly monitors the physical condition and shape of the user. Thanks to the built-in sensors. Including a new function for detecting oxygen levels in the blood. TruSeen 4.0+ monitors. Your heart rate and gives alerts if it detects that something unusual is happening. TruSleep 2.0 and TruRelax technologies follow the rhythm of sleep and provide tips for better rest, monitor stress, and so on. All of these features work with the Huawei Health app. Which can give you long-term reports based on tracking your condition.

Honor Watch ES Watch

The Honor Watch ES brings a variety of standard smartwatch features. With no talk option as there is no built-in microphone. But you can only get notification information. There’s 4GB of memory, but you can’t insert your music here to play it directly from the watch via Bluetooth 5.0 and listen via wireless headphones. Almost all the space is used for exercise animations. The battery life is for ten days of use.


All in all, the Honor Watch ES is a very high-quality and usable gadget. Which has completely correct features. But also stylish features. It stands nicely and lies on your arm, provides plenty of useful information, provides various options and activities. Everything is as it should be. Paradoxically, the direct rival will come from the sister company. Huawei Watch Fit, which is in practice the same device, the same price. What distinguishes them? Nothing at all, at least as far as we’ve seen. If you think that a smartwatch is an excessive investment. Consider a hybrid device like this, which combines a fitness bracelet and a smartwatch in a great way. And you will be sure if you take Watch ES seriously.


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