HONOR MagicBook15 – Designer Dream in One Laptop

HONOR MagicBook15 – Designer Dream in One Laptop

With an attractive design, light and slim figure, a good screen with a large usable area. The HONOR notebook debut comes out quite confidently on the square. With much stronger and more experienced names on the market of ultra-light laptops. If it is based on preliminary impressions. We can freely say – there will be our favorite no.1 with competing laptop brands. HONOR is self-confident and very specific in his performance.

So the slap in the face is great. He will certainly not like it and it will go unanswered. Until then, we end-users, who are lucky enough to get one MagicBook. 15 models, can rub their hands in satisfaction and feel the benefits of real competitive competition. All in all, we got another strong player in the laptop PC market ..

Honor MagicBook 15

Ask yourself – would you buy an HONOR notebook? I’m sure you don’t have the answer “at first”. The dilemma is the result of the fact that you did not even know that this brand produces this type of device. And again on the other hand if you have had experience with HONOR mobile phones you know that these are great devices. Well, that’s how we reacted when we heard that MagicBook 15 was coming to test. Honestly, we were pretty eager to see what HONOR had prepared for us as a surprise. This fact has gained importance because it is known that HONOR notebooks are not available in all world markets. So it is certainly an unusual exclusivity and an opportunity to present a real novelty.


As a rule, the packaging gives us the first and most important information, and in this case. It is as big as the classic “fifteen” but visibly thinner and lighter. The surprise continued when we released the packaging and we found a large, light, but a solid device with plenty of used metal. It is a true example of an ultra-light laptop. That makes it easy to identify with ultrabooks. Ie this limit seems to cease to exist with the release of devices such as the MagicBook 15.

It weighs just over a kilogram and a half. Despite the abundance of metal materials. The chassis is made of an alloy of magnesium and lithium with abundant use of aluminum. Which results in a well-stiffened housing that gives off strength and safety while carried in the hand. It is only 1.7 cm thin, 36 cm wide, and 23 cm deep. With a weight of 1.5 kg, its purpose for use on the go is quite clear.

Honor MagicBook 15 Header

The HONOR model uses a 15.6 ”large screen with extremely thin frames around the screen of only 5mm. So you have the feeling that the IPS panel has taken up the entire surface of the part with the screen. This results in a great sense of clarity since the screen-to-body coverage ratio is as high as 87%. When you add to that the 1920×1080 base resolution work, you’re looking at a large useful desktop in front of you. It is not comparable better feeling than in the case of similar, 14 ”notebook models.


The IPS panel provides large viewing angles and vivid color. The surface of the screen is matte. This is already the rule for computers intended for work outdoors, outside the home, and office. The text print is clear and clean, while measurements have shown that the brightness reaches a value of 225-250 nits. Which can be a problem of insufficient screen brightness during outdoor use, in bright daylight. The subjective feeling that it lacks contrast on large bright surfaces, was confirmed by measurements. But on the other hand, we did not notice the penetration of the LED backlight. The operation of a filter that blocks the spectrum of Blue LED backlight light is supported. The maximum screen deflection angle is 150 degrees.

The back of the screen is made of aluminum in “Space Gray” a darker shade of aluminum with the HONOR logo. And there is also a beautiful edge that surrounds the rim of the notebook case in a crystal blue shade. Obtained by a special CNC machining of a diamond blade. These beautiful details give a dose of exclusivity, and luxury to this device. All in a race to bring down the price as much as possible. HONOR has baked the craft well on the market in mobile phones. So obviously he successfully applies the same recipe here as well.

Honor MagicBook 15 Screen

Additional Features

We were surprised by the fact that due to the thin screen frames. Also did not immediately notice the presence of a webcam and accompanying microphones. Staring and consulting instructions suggest to us the most unusual positions of these devices. Namely, the webcam with HD 720p resolution is located in the top row of the keyboard keys. In the form of a pop-up key. So when talking on Skype or Viber, make sure that the other side is looking at you “from the ground floor” more precisely in the chin. The stereo microphones are housed in a stylized notch on the front.

That also serves to make it easier to open the screen section. Interestingly, the button with the camera hides a drainage channel in case you spill water on the camera. The opening in question will lead it under the computer so as not to damage sensitive electronics. In any case, it is not recommended to spill water on the keyboard as you may cause a short circuit and permanent damage to the computer.

Honor MagicBook 15 Camera

Also, there are “Chiclet” buttons with a large rectangular contact surface, with a shallow activation mechanism. You will no doubt notice the similarity with the MacBook models because the part with the numeric keys is also missing. Unfortunately, the MagicBook 15 has no place for backlighting on the keys. And the detail that is crucial to many, when it comes to the quality of work on the device. Which is often used outdoors in low ambient light conditions. We can see the similarity with the Apple MacBook Pro 15 in the large free areas on the sides of the keyboard. Where the around power button with a fingerprint reader function. We can find in the right part a kind of security function that you can activate with the Windows Hello function.

Laptop Specification

The large “touchpad” is located between the zones that serve as support for the hands. It is quite precise, pleasant to the touch, and supports multi-finger gestures at the same time. In the lower part, there is a seesaw that serves as a left and right mouse click. A larger plastic surface is located on the underside of the device. The basis of the MagicBook 15 computer platform is a mobile variant of the economical AMD Ryzen 5 3500U APU. This processor has four physical cores. Presented to the Windows system as 8 logical and achieve a maximum operating frequency of 3.7 GHz. It has Zen + cores made in a 12nm process. Also, this APU model integrates a VEGA 8 graphics core that takes up a portion of system memory to perform graphics operations.

It has a 512 “shader” unit and clocks at 1200 MHz. A computer equipped with 8 GB of DDR4-2400 system memory configured as two RAM SO-DIMMs that operate in dual channel mode for better performance. The data storage part is entrusted to the already well-known Western Digital SN720 SSD. Which communicates with the processor via a 4x PCIe link and NVMe protocol. The capacity is 256 GB, which is on the verge of the minimum for the needs of comfortable work on a mobile computer for this purpose. Fortunately, you can easily replace it with a larger one. If you need to. It is fast enough in real work to provide that much-needed sense of agility and almost instant response of the entire platform in most everyday applications and is undoubtedly a mistake-free choice.

Honor MagicBook 15 Battery

Connectivity and Ports

Internet connection is provided by the presence of a Realtek Wi-Fi adapter with 802.11 ac specifications. And 2×2 MIMO function of continuous connection and data exchange with two devices at the same time. Which worked great with wireless routers, recording an average of 20 MB / s data transfer in download- in. It also respects the Bluetooth 5.0 specification of wireless peripherals. The sound is controlled by a Realtek microprocessor codec, with a special software part for setting up within the Windows operating system. By the way, the MagicBook 15 produces unusually loud sounds for this class of devices. Which many YouTube content fans will welcome.

Speaking of connections there is a USB-C on the right side with the function of connecting. The charger and the corresponding LED indicator is activated during the battery charging process. Then a USB-A 3.0 port and HDMI 2.0 connector for connection to large screens such as TV. On the opposite side. We find one USB-A 2.0 connector and a 3.5mm headphone and microphone connector.

Honor MagicBook 15 Ports

Battery autonomy

Battery autonomy is provided by a Lithium-ion battery, with a capacity of 42 Wh. According to our measurements provides an autonomy of 4 hours and 15 minutes. It’s about real work in photo, music, and video processing applications, not some imaginary value. With notebooks, however, the claim of all-day autonomy has a different meaning than practice in the world of mobile phones. Power from the network is done using an external rectifier with a maximum power of 65W, a shape that.

As expected, most resembles a mobile phone charger, albeit slightly larger. It supports the fast charging function. So it will charge half in half an hour with built-in battery capacity. It takes an hour and 17 minutes to reach maximum capacity, and the computer consumes 64 watts (W) of electricity. The length of the charging process also depends on the ambient temperature. If the environment is warmer. The charging process may take longer than the specified period.

Although it’s the previous generation AMD APU 12nm platform that lags behind the 10th generation of ultra-economical Intel Core processors. In terms of performance, the subjective feeling is that it doesn’t feel much in real work, at least when it comes to common. Everyday applications such as office MS Office Word, Excel, and PPT programs. Or searches in Internet browsers and sending e-mails, Viber communication, watching movies in FullHD or 4K resolution. Playing YT clips and similar less-up to solidly demanding jobs. Contributing to this is a sufficient amount of properly configured system memory.

Honor MagicBook 15 design 1

Performance in work

A well-balanced APU processor with solidly fast Zen + cores. And good VEGA 8 graphics that know how to make up for the processor lag in graphics-accelerated operations. Of course. There is also the effect of acceleration through the presence of SSD NVMe devices. Above-average good performance. Speaking of gaming, let’s say that the MagicBook 15 achieves an average of 25 fps in APEX Legends and 47.5 in Fortnite games. For games with “low-to-medium” settings of graphic details in 1080p FullHD resolution.

We measured the highest consumption when playing when. Due to better performance. It is recommended to connect the computer to the mains via a rectifier. By the way, the AMD Ryzen 5 3500U draws only 12.5 W of energy and reaches 74 degrees Celsius with a little longer gaming. It is cooled by a solution based on a centrifugal fan, heat pipe system, and aluminum cooler. It is quite quiet in operation and most of the time it is almost noiseless with 33 dB of noise emitted in real operation.

Honor MagicBook 15 Specification

Otherwise, the body of the MagicBook 15 computer does not heat much. In the warmest zone of the exhaust vents, we measured 38-40 degrees. Celsius at the foot of the screen, while we measured 40 and 34 degrees. Respectively, under the fingers in the zone of the ASD and JKL buttons. The left side of the device is warmer than the right due to the position of the AMD APU processor. Also, the palm rest zones are imperceptibly warm with measured 34 and 29 degrees Celsius. On the right side, respectively.

Additional functions

We also like the detail that HONOR did not overdo it with additional “trash” software. Practically implemented a clean installation of Windows 10 Home OS with the only addition of the HONOR Magic-Link 2.0 application. That provides special benefits for users of HONOR mobile smartphones, providing cross-operation and data synchronization between notebook and phone. Just one touch on the landmark sticker on the case computer.

Honor MagicBook 15 Design

This feature relies on the NFC function of the phone, and requires the presence of EMUI 10 and a newer version of the OS. As special support for this software. The computer also has a dedicated function key whose activation allows you to quickly transfer from phone to computer and vice versa: photos, videos, music, and documents. All this wirelessly without the need to use a USB data cable. For ease of use, there is a special “shortcut” icon in the far right corner of the taskbar. Do not delete it in any way, otherwise. The Magic-link function will not work properly.

Access to the expansion depot is easy. All you have to do is loosen the screws on the bottom cover with a Torx 5 screwdriver and access the SO-DIMM memory. M.2 SSD and other devices that can be changed and upgraded as needed. By the way, the personal feeling is that it is a product from the Wistron plant where devices from many world-famous laptop brands are made, such as Acer, HP, etc.

And for the end..

HONOR did a great job with the MagicBook 15 model. So good that many established names in the field of laptops. Could think well of this computer. Not in terms of ultimate power, but in the great range of features, performance and price offered. This last factor is decisive when making the final purchase decision. Let’s say that € 600 is offered on our market.

MagicBook 15

Acer is faster in application tests, seriously slower in gaming, and at the same time has a noticeably smaller screen and is far more expensive with its price of € 800. HONOR MagicBook 15 has a big advantage in this direct metering because it is equally light. He has an incomparably clearer screen and larger desktop, better keyboard, better appearance, equal autonomy, louder sound, and support for Dolby Atmos. In a word a more complete device in every way, and more importantly with a significantly lower price.

Well … that’s the recipe of HONOR that paved the way for him in the mobile phone market. It seems to be slowly and surely applying the same in the laptop market. He is not burdened, he says with the dispersion of the model in its offer, with the already chosen approach. It accurately hits the essence of the needs of the target group of customers. In this case, they are the ones who often stay out of the house and office.


Our first encounter with the HONOR mobile notebook is full of impressions. Not in terms of some revolutionary innovations. But cleverly rounded functionalities, well-tuned performance. And a useful software add-on that will greatly benefit the large army of HONOR mobile users. As for established brands in this industry. Let them be prepared because HONOR is intent on embarking on a fierce and uncompromising race with others. He has already succeeded once. The tactics have proven to be good, so there is no real reason for him not to succeed once again.

The MagicBook 15 is a great device and certainly deserves a reward for a great return in the context of the money invested. The debut deserves a nickname the GREAT. And in anticipation of an even better model, you are left with a piece of advice. Pay attention to HONOR notebook models, they will surprise you with how good they look and work even better. A new name is being born on the horizon of the notebook market. And we are so lucky as witnesses to participate in it directly because you can’t find them in all world markets, especially in the western ones …

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