Cooler Master MB 540 – All That You Need In One Case

Cooler Master MasterBox 540 will enchant you at first sight with its beautiful and sophisticated 3D ARGB effects. Thin light strips with a striking glass front make the MasterBox 540 one of the most attractive gaming models. Fortunately, RGB is not the only quality of this case because some key structural improvements have been made. The latest MasterBox 540 is […]

Quietest Computer Case: Cooler Master Silencio S600

Noisy case with strong fans as usual, but what happens when someone wants a quiet and well-cooled case?  Are there any solutions? Certainly, so at least they claim in Cooler Master. Which has been offering a special Silencio series in its range for years. Today we present the latest S600 model from the Silencio series, a housing developed in cooperation […]

ASRock x570 Steel Legend: Best mid-range motherboard

AMD Ryzen processors are at the zenith of popularity whether it is the Ryzen 3, 5, 7, or the strongest Ryzen 9 for the AM4 platform. And while in the case of entry-level models, customers mostly opt for cheaper versions of motherboards with A320 and B450 chipset. Those with Ryzen 5 and stronger models are happy to look in the […]

The Best RAM in 2021: Speed up your machine

Having good RAM is the same as having good graphics or a good processor. Whether you are buying a new machine or upgrading an old machine, RAM is important for achieving top performance. In the simplest of terms, your computer’s memory gives your processor quick access to important data that it needs to carry out its processes. To an extent, […]