Gigabyte Aorus 15G: Best Gaming Laptop in 2021

Gigabyte Aorus 15G: Best Gaming Laptop in 2021

The Aorus 15G is a ticket to the world of more serious mobile gaming. It is the most current version based on the 10th generation Intel Core CPU and GeForce RTX 30 graphics processors. Today, it is very difficult to get a good gaming computer. Whether it is a desktop system or a laptop. Cryptocurrency mines have hired everything that has a slightly good graphics processor.

And here are the perfect opportunities for us to get acquainted with Gigabyte laptops. Introducing the Aorus 15G debut in this rather picky market. By the way, Gigabyte has been making this type of computer for some time. But this is the first time it has started with a regular offer in our market.


And at first glance, the impact of the improved Max-Q design is visible. The more we look at it. The more it seems to us that Gigabyte has opted for straight lines to highlight its small profile. One of the thinner gaming models we’ve tested so far. The case is made of quality black ABS plastic with a subjective feeling of a finely brushed surface pleasant to the touch. Gigabyte packed the Aorus 15G in a case 36cm wide. 24.5cm deep, and just over 2cm thick. It weighs about 2Kg which is also necessary due to the efficient heatsink for the powerful processors in this device.

Aorus gaming laptop

For Max Q computers. Nvidia has set very high criteria in terms of the quality of the built-in laptop screens. So we are paying special attention to what this device will display. First, the edges of the screen of the Aorus 15G model are really thin. Only the lower one is understandably thicker due to the electronics of the backlight and the panel’s power supply. The subjective feeling of an effective desktop is great. The screen is a bright, standard good color, sharp and clear. This allows you to read and recognize the details of smaller content. Even at the basic 1920×1080 pixels and a diagonal of 15.6 inches.

It has a nice display both in games and when you work in some serious photo and video processing applications. We measured an illuminance value of 310 nits. A special quality is the fact that it refreshes the image at a frequency of as much as 240 Hz. This is why the image is sharp in everyday work, and the animation is perfectly smooth in games. Each screen is individually calibrated, as evidenced by the X-Rite certificate.

Best Aouris laptop

Keyboard and Touchpad

The position of the HD webcam is interesting. In order not to disturb the line of the thin frames of the screen. It is located on the lower part of the frame and has one archaic switch, a lens closure that protects your privacy. On the back. We notice large exhaust vents as well as on both sides closer to the monitor. This G exhaust system, in combination with the slots at the top and the mesh surfaces at the bottom of the device, proved to be efficient in operation. Given the limited volume of housing of this model.

The part with the keyboard caught our attention because of the non-standard narrow font of letter marks. It is a keyboard with a numeric part. At first, the keys seemed unusually small to us. But it’s an optical illusion due to the condensed font on the keycaps. The shallow chiclet keys have a short stroke with a standard soft membrane feel.

Aouris laptop touchpad

We especially like that the backlight doesn’t penetrate too much under the buttons, and the light intensity is adjusted in a few steps. It even reminds us of a few Legion models. The touchpad is a standard solution that we recommend turning off while playing because the root of the left hand’s thumb will almost certainly activate it at the most inconvenient moment.



The sides of the Aorus 15G laptop offer a variety of connections. On the left are one HDMI 2.1. One mini DisplayPort 1.4. Then USB-A 3.2 with 5Gbps data transfer. One 3.5mm audio output for headphones and microphone. As well as a classic LAN connector for the network. On the contrary, there are a couple of USB-A 3.2 connectors of 5Gbps. One USB-C 3.2. But only the first generation. Which does not even support the operation of external drives when it comes to power options.

So there is no USB 3.2 of the second generation. That is certainly a disadvantage on the 2K euro model. Primarily because the target user profile needs to quickly switch large installations of games or works. There’s also an SD memory card reader and of course a power connector. The speakers are placed below. On the base of the laptop towards the outer positions, closer to the front and the user. The sound is solid. But if you want the maximum experience. Headphones are a mandatory part of the equipment for working on a laptop like this.

Aours 15G laptop


And what makes a gaming laptop recognizable is its hardware. The Aorus 15G uses one of the most powerful mobile versions of the Intel Core processor. the i7 10870H. An eight-core processor that executes 16 threads simultaneously can occasionally “boost” the frequency up to 5 GHz. It is paired with an HM470 chipset and 16GB of dual-channel configured DDR4 memory at 3200 MHz. The processor may not be the latest 11th generation. But it is a very powerful mobile version, and it perfectly matches the character of a fast gaming laptop.

Of course, the main engine of gaming performance is the latest series of mobile graphics processors. GeForce RTX 3060 with 6GB of GDDR6 memory. This category of GPU is like saliva for Full HD gaming laptop models. With the help of Dynamic Boost 2.0 technology. Powered by an artificial intelligence algorithm. It speeds up the graphics processor from over 1.5 GHz to almost 2 GHz. Achieving results very close to the classic version of the desktop graphics card. Of course, there is also the Resizable Bar option. Which additionally affects the raising of the fps. So, a well-assembled and set up a platform that already, on paper, promises a lot.

Aorus 15G gaming laptop

And for the computer to work quickly. There is also an M.2 NVMe PCIe x4 SSD device. This time in a capacity of 512 GB. Some minimum for gaming. Considering how “difficult” today’s games are when it comes to taking up disk space. It will be “tight” for many, but the fact that you have an additional M.2 slot in which you can install another fast M2 2280 SSD device improves the thing.


Battery and network

The sound is processed by Realtek Codec amplified by Nahimic 3 software. While Realtek’s 2.5Gbps network controller is in charge of fast network connection and minimal lag in online games. The alternative is a wireless connection via Intel AX200 WiFi solution of 6 generations on two wavelengths and 802.11 AX standard. There is also the indispensable BT 5.0 support for wireless peripherals. Faster just can’t at the moment.

Autonomy of work is provided by a Li-Polymer battery with a capacity of 99Wh. When playing on battery, expect a frame rate lock at 30 fps. In terms of autonomy. We achieved an average for gaming models of about 180 minutes. For maximum gaming and application performance. Be sure to use a 230W powerful external AC adapter.

Aorus 15g battery

The Aorus 15G comes with a licensed version of the Windows 10 Home 64-bit operating system, and a nice surprise is the Aorus Control Center. Thoroughly redesigned and substantially improved with a nicer graphical interface compared to similar ones that come with motherboards. It is a particularly good part for monitoring and adjusting RGB lighting effects, and there are plenty of other useful tools. We notice that this laptop arrived with Azure Ai software installed.

We recognize Microsoft Azure as a complex Cloud ecosystem, and what does it do on a laptop? They used a large database on the way components and applications work. Thanks to this technology. Aorus knows how to recognize whether you are playing Counter-Strike or Fortnite and speeds up the game by forcing the operation of the hardware on which performance depends the most. We personally only worry that from so much applied artificial intelligence. There will be no collision between several active algorithms – for now, it all works well.


Performance and impressions in work

The predominant impression in the work of the Aorus 15G model is its speed and performance. In that respect, it lived up to its name. So the sharp eye of a falcon and the speed of the fastest living being are something you can associate with the character of this computer.

Also, we have to praise one very important element. Often unjustifiably neglected in the story of laptops. A great cooling system makes this thin gaming machine unusually quiet. Even many, more expensive models in this respect are worse than this Aorus. It is especially well-adjusted in the sense that the surface of the computer is the coldest in the part where the fingers touch the keys.

The processors cool well. It feels when the system enters high-performance mode. But it’s not nearly as noisy as similar gaming models. Therefore, we conclude that in the example of the Aorus 15G model. The influence of the Max Q design is visible in action.

And most important all. It has an impact on the speed of work in programs and more importantly in games. So this practical, entry-level Aorus Model in a series based on GeForce RTX 30 graphics processors. Delivers performance at the level of the most powerful models of the previous generation! The new “graphics” works great with Studio drivers and delivers the expected accelerations in CUDA accelerated programs.


So a good debut performance of Gigabyte in the arena of gaming laptop models. It is well-tuned with a configuration that combines a fast monitor and powerful hardware. At the same time, it is perfect for playing. Also for jobs in creating demanding content. Primarily because it is not thick, hot, and kitschy ugly. On the contrary, it is everything that a computer like this should be thin, quiet, unobtrusive in appearance, and sharp in operation. The Aorus 15G certainly has such ambitions because of everything else. What is most important for the work is really perfect.


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