Gigabyte Aero 15XC – Best Laptop for Designers

Gigabyte Aero 15XC – Best Laptop for Designers

Today we have on test one of the best gaming laptops of today. It is a Gigabyte Aero 15XC model, just for yours, we have made a detailed review of it. We recently made the review of the Aorus 15G. So at some point. You must have thought that you had already seen something similar on our channel. However, the Aero line is intended for creative users and those who create more complicated and demanding content.

So they need above-average hardware in the packaging of laptops. Still, they are also gamers at heart and they are certainly interested in how far entertainment technology has come. Primarily in the technical sense. The Gigabyte Aero 15XC is just the computer for them. The laptop differs from ordinary gaming laptop models in these fine details and the way the platform is adjusted. And ultimately nurtures its recognizable working character.


Best laptop screen

Unlike the Aorus gaming model. The case is made entirely of metal alloy for better cooling and quieter operation. The feeling of black brushed aluminum hints at the first touch of the high aspirations of this model. The case has an extremely low profile for this category of laptops and we can freely say that it is one of the thinnest laptop models in this category. It is influenced by Nvidia’s Max-Q design philosophy. The computer cover is decorated with “glossy” print details that look very nice and break the monotony of the matte black surface. While on the other side there is a glowing Aero logo. Creative and in the spirit of this line of computers.

Since we are talking about creatives and designers as the target group of this device. The screen is one of the most important elements of a computer for this type of work. That is why the Aero 15XC pays special attention to this device. At the mention of this model. The first association is the OLED screen with extraordinary characteristics. But in our example. It is a computer that is practically a ticket into the world of creative work. Which conditioned the use of an anti-glare IPS panel with a diagonal of 15.6 ”.

Gigabyte Aero desing

It is quite bright with 355 measured threads and a contrast of 1530: 1. In addition to the previously stated facts about the type of panel. It shows a nice, clean, and sharp image with a very pleasantly saturated. Somehow naturally beautiful color. This is a result of the fact that the screen arrives factory calibrated, as evidenced by the X-Rite certification.


The very thin edges of the case in which it is housed stand out on the screen. It is edged with 3mm moldings and causes the effect of an above-average effective work surface. Usually. This upper edge is a bit thicker but not with this model because the HD webcam with a switch that closes the lens and a pair of microphones is placed on the ground floor practically on the part of the base of the computer case. Only the lower edge is understandably thicker due to the electronics necessary for the operation of the panel.

The keyboard occupies the bulk of the base and is made in a version of the “chiclet” key of a pleasant size and a classic rectangular shape. They are comfortably large with soft suspension and backlight that adjusts in the RGB spectrum. The touchpad is of standard dimensions. With a pronounced feeling of a metal surface without visible physical buttons. But with a click in the lower left and right corners. In the upper. Left, there is a visually masked fingerprint reader as a security mechanism that prevents unauthorized access to your work.Gigabyte Aero screen quality


Above all. The working character of the Aero series is emphasized by the offer of connectors that are placed on thin side edges. One-third of the hips in the part closer to the screen are occupied by cooling openings. On the left edge we are offered one HDMI 2.1 and right next to it another mini Display Port with 1.4 specifications. Next is the first-generation USB-A3.1. Then the combined 3.5mm audio connector for headphones and microphone. And finally, one full-size RJ-45 LAN connector without that awkward plastic tab of the aperture. So you can plug in a LAN cable freely and effortlessly.

The front of the edge is underlined, so the hips with full-size connectors look thin. Almost causing you to wonder how it all stopped when you look at them from a bird’s eye view. We often looked below to see how thin this model is, so to speak, “cracked” with strong hardware. On the other hand. As expected, we encounter ventilation gills again, then the connector for the external power supply of the device. Followed by USB-C 3.2 of the second generation with support for Thunderbolt 3 devices.

Gigabyte Aero ports

This connector supports the power supply of external disks so that there are no awkward interruptions during data copying. The higher transfer is implied in the case of using this connector. Following is an additional pair of classic USB-A connectors with a 3.2 specification of 5 Gbps and a mandatory detail when it comes to a computer for designers in the form of a UHS-II SD memory card reader because another way to quickly transfer material from the camera is not acceptable in this case.


Intel’s 10th generation Core processor in the form of an i7-10870H processor. With 8 physical and 16 logical cores. Which according to the specifications work in the frequency range of 2.2-5GHz. Was chosen as the main platform. The logistics to the processor are provided by an Intel HM470 chipset and 2x8GB of DDR4 memory. At 3200MHz in dual channel mode. A fast M.2 PCIe x4 SSD with a capacity of 512GB is provided for the data. So we can say is on the high acceptable in this laptop category.

The graphics pair consists of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 with 8 GB of its GDDR6 memory. The integrated Intel UHD 630 graphics core that you can completely turn off in the BIOS if you have in mind the performance of GPU accelerated applications or gaming. Integrated graphics are used only in cases when you want to achieve greater working autonomy.

Gigabyte gaming laptop

Such strong hardware in the housing of only 20 mm is cooled by the Windforce Infinity system conceived on a pair of centrifugal fans and a system of 5 heat pipes. It does its job perfectly following the set character of the device in the sense that it is thin. And unusually quiet, moderately warm in operation. Sound comes from two speakers from the outer side edges of 2W power. While the entire audio system is controlled by Nahimic 3 software.

Network and Battery

The network part of the communication is supported by a 2.5Gbps Realtek Ethernet controller. while the currently fastest wireless form of communication with the help of the Intel AX200 WiFi 6 solution is also present. There is also mandatory support for Bluetooth in version 5.0. So fast download and small lag in games are guaranteed if you have a slightly better internet package. Finally, autonomy is provided by a 99Wh Li-polymer battery that keeps the computer fully operational for the next three hours at 80% screen brightness and running an active RTX3070 graphics processor in a moderately demanding operating scenario. The 230W external power adapter takes about two hours to fully charge the battery.

Gigabyte Aero performance

Impressions in the work

And speaking of consumption. Let’s say that the processor consumes 100-105W of electricity when rendering in Blender, Keyshot, or Maya Arnold renderer power. While the rest of the computer pulls another 60W for a Total 165W of power consumption when all cores are under 100% load. In these situations. The maximum operating frequency of the core does not exceed 3.2 GHz. Because the temperature reaches the limit of 90-91 degrees Celsius. And the operating frequency limiter begins to act.

In jobs that are optimized to use individual cores at higher frequencies. The processor reaches a maximum of 4590-4690 MHz. Which is less than the upper limit stated by Intel. On the other hand. The GeForce RTX 3070 works relaxed on this laptop during gaming in the temperature zone of 70. Max 84 degrees. Depending on the resolution and the gaming engine itself. The frequency ranges from 1200-1675 MHz for one smaller margin than dedicated gaming laptop models. This results from fine-tuning the platform’s performance and cooling system performance as Gigabyte wanted to make its Aero model noticeably quieter than classic gaming models like sports cars.

Best laptop for designers

And in terms of performance, there is a clear emphasis on a strong processor in business. Where raw processing power such as Autodesk or Adobe applications is used. But it is also clear that the RTX 3070 graphics processor. Which shows its full role in GPU. Was not accidentally found here. Optimized jobs and using the Nvidia Studio driver. For example, in rendering applications. It is three times faster than the mentioned Intel Core i7 10870H processor. So its role in a computer like this is clear.


And we come to the very end of the story of a well thought out and made computer. However, this is the case with the initial model. It is a real feat how Gigabyte packed this powerful hardware into a case only 2 cm thick and at the same time made it quite quiet thanks to the advanced management of the cooling system. It certainly has a price of almost € 2,500, no matter how excessive it may sound. Justified primarily in terms of a well-conceived tool for dealing with more serious work on the computer. Which I can just remind you, you can take everywhere with you.


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    • […] It is quite certain that in this case the performance of the laptop with Radeon is hampered by the suboptimal choice of working memory and the fact that the laptop does not have a MUX switch. This switch, which is typically found exclusively on the higher-end gaming laptop. This allows a discrete graphics card to connect directly to the monitor. While without it has to go over an integrated card. When it comes to CPU performance, we have no complaints. Ok, it could be split to help with 1Rx8 memory. But the Ryzen 9 5900HX is initially so powerful that it leaves other processors in the dust. As we can see compared to the 8-core Core i7-10870H from Gigabyte Aero 15 OLED laptop. […]

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