Cooler Master MB 540 – All That You Need In One Case

Cooler Master MB 540 – All That You Need In One Case

Cooler Master MasterBox 540 will enchant you at first sight with its beautiful and sophisticated 3D ARGB effects. Thin light strips with a striking glass front make the MasterBox 540 one of the most attractive gaming models. Fortunately, RGB is not the only quality of this case because some key structural improvements have been made.

The latest MasterBox 540 is the result of CM’s efforts and intentions to follow all current trends in the PC case industry. So to speak, in the domestic field where there is fierce competition. The latest in a series of new and refreshed models of the MasterBox line is the aforementioned 540. With improvements specific to the products introduced in 2021. Small and significant improvements in details that mean a lot to users are certainly welcome and make this recognizable line very popular in the category of midi tower models. From 80-120 euros, depending on the equipment and capabilities.

CoolerMaster Case

Design and Features

The first thing you notice about the MasterBox 540 case is its new 3D ARGB front panel design which consists of a large light diffuser. A darkened plexiglass surface made in the so-called Dark Mirror effect. Below it is thin, long ARGB light strips in the currently very popular “U-Wing” shape. With a three-dimensional visual effect. The inspiration for the lighting system, on the MasterBox, was found by, the automotive industry. And the interior design. The effects on the front panel are more impressive and beautiful. For the class then the classic flat 2D strips and light fans.

Otherwise, these effects can be programmed and synchronized with the light of other components in the system. Or use a universal CM ARGB controller that connects to the reset button on the front panel. And this changes the desired effects. If you find this impractical, there is also the option to manage using Cooler Master software.

CoolerMaster Housing

For better ventilation from the front, the large side longitudinal air intakes have been designed. Behind are positioned for three 12 cm diameter fans that are not supplied with the housing. Interestingly, the entire front panel is removed. Without USB and other cables for the front connectors and RGB. The connection was made using three RGB lighting contacts. While the console with USB connectors and wiring remained on the cage itself. An elegant and easy solution.

Connectivity and Ports

The left side is made of clear tempered glass. While the center console with connectors is located on the usual front part of the front panel. The MasterBox 540 uses one USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 connector. In addition to the two standard first-generation USB-A 3.2. There’s also a combined 3.5mm audio for headphones and a microphone. As well as a dual-role button, for resetting / ARGB functions. The central place is reserved for a hexagonal “power” button in the form of a CM logo with an illuminated LED ring.

CoolerMaster MB 540 Build

Another important change compared to last year’s MasterBox models is the fact. That now the complete top panel is perforated and covered with a mesh filter. This helps to release warm air from inside the computer over the entire top surface of the case. In addition. It allows you to mount 360mm water-cooled radiators on the top. Last year’s models were limited to 240 and 280mm coolers. The recommended maximum radiator thickness is 5.5 cm to have enough space for fans and access to the motherboard.

 Cooling and Power Supply

Another interesting thing about the upper panel of the case is that it can be completely dismantled. This allows easier access for the installation of water cooling systems, fans. And subsequent routing of the necessary cables. No matter how well you plan to assemble the configuration. We always need to make a correction or subsequently connect an additional fan cable or RGB lighting. And then the possibility of easy access from the top thanks to the ability to remove the top panel – is invaluable!

CoolerMaster MB

And inside “clean” – without any physical obstacles. But with a lot of cuts on the motherboard bracket needed to run power and data cables. We commend the accessible opening on the corner of the bracket which is fully open for easier mounting of the 8-pin EPS power. Supply for + 12V. In the lower part, there are widened openings for USB and audio mid-board connectors. Which is certainly a nice and useful detail. The standard power tunnel is perforated in the upper part of the position where the rectifier is located.

And there is also a large side cutout to make it easier to ventilate the power supply. In the front part of the tunnel are hidden positions for two 3.5 ”hard drives or 2.5” SSD devices. The HDD BOX can be dismantled, more precisely it is one side. Which frees up an additional space of a total of 30 cm for cables or the installation of a stronger and larger power supply. Provided that you do not use hard drives. Calculate that you can add two more 2.5 ”HDDs or SSDs.

Impressions in the work

The volume of the case is 52 liters and takes all the current forms and motherboards from the smallest mini ITX to the largest E-ATX models. When it comes to supporting the operation of the so-called standard air coolers for cooling the processor. They fit with a maximum body height of 16.5 cm. While there is plenty of space for graphics cards, those as long as 41 cm. The MasterBox 540 is almost 50 cm high. Just as deep and 21 cm wide. It weighs about 8 kg without components.

CoolerMaster Fans

The work is very quiet, and the measured temperatures are on average for this class of “mainstream” midi tower models. In the configuration you get. What would you say out of the box, it is not famous for its “airflow” characteristics due to only one factor. Installed CM SickleFlow ARGB 12cm fan and a relatively closed front panel. With a little extra work, the benefits of the chimney effect. And the natural circulation of warm air can be more reduced. Which you will speed up by installing several fans. And when it comes to getting fresh air in the front. You also have the option of retrofitting the 12s.

The quality of workmanship is definitely at a better level compared to some previous models. But it is still a good case from the middle-class midi tower model with a slightly “stronger” price. Due to the built-in ARGB lighting system and fine “glass” materials with transparent lighting “Facade”. You can also add the CM cage option for the vertical mounting of the graphics card. Then the CM RGB “antisag” graphics holder, and make it unique in terms of functionality. And the appearance of the ARGB light theme.

Final impressions

It remains to conclude that the CM MasterBox 540 is a good and above all attractive PC case. With beautiful 3D RGB effects and a lot of useful details that primarily concern the removable top panel. Very interesting, modern, and beautiful gaming housing that certainly deserves attention. For users who appreciate the look and many functional details.


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