Best Buy Laptop: Huawei Matebook X Pro

Best Buy Laptop: Huawei Matebook X Pro

Beautiful, light, and durable, in one word, a sophisticated device. Huawei Matebook X Pro has surprised many with its burst offer of top-quality notebooks, and we must admit that the competition is worried because these are the top computers in certain categories. Matebook X only confirms the statement in question. The bottom line is that this notebook is nice to hold, point out, lightweight, and very high quality. The Huawei Matebook X is a full hit for Huawei in this otherwise picky and expensive part of the notebook market.


What is important for trendsetters and urban characters when they open a laptop in a cafe or present it at a meeting in a restaurant is that the laptop looks expensive and beautiful and of course. That nothing creaks or squeaks when it opens. There is no fear of breaking the screen because the case and chassis are made of a very durable alloy of magnesium and aluminum. That also reveals the secret ingredient of such an unrealistically thin and solid case and construction. As well as joints, almost without gaps. Some will say, you don’t buy technology just to be noticed. So we have to accept the reality that an increasing number of users put design at the top of the list of priorities. And that it has to be high quality, reliable and fast.

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This beauty is only 28.5 cm wide, almost 10 cm smaller than the classic “fifteen”. It is 20.7cm deep and 1.36cm thick. Following the dimensions, there is an unrealistically small weight of only 1 Kg. It is a real tech accessory for everyday activities, whose weight and surface you will hardly feel in your purse. We are only interested in what cases they made for it, to preserve such a beautiful aluminum surface from scratching with keys and other things in the bag. Because it would be a real shame to just scratch like that.


When you sit down and open this notebook, you will be fascinated by how big the screen is packed in such a small case. Enlarged 3: 2 format and 13 ”diagonal. It displays 3000 pixels horizontally. And as many as 2000 pixels vertically. The utilization of the surface of the cover of the notebook in which the screen is placed is as much as 90% with a packing density of 278 pixels per inch. The result is one of the most beautiful displays on this type of device. The image is very bright. With 395 threads measured, perfectly sharp, and incredibly readable at 100% display despite the small diagonal.

Huawei Matebook screen

The high contrast value of 1500: 1 certainly contributes to that. The colors are vivid and expressive, so the image on the screen seems quite dynamic. In a word, the screen is a complete hit. We were bothered by only one little thing, which concerns the presence of a glass filter and an unpleasant reflection of light when used outside. Especially on days with a lot of suns. So read between the lines, no work on the beach and in gardens and fingerprints.


The keyboard is great! Every inch of the available surface on the base has been used, to accommodate comfortably large buttons. With pleasantly dimmed backlighting in two levels of intensity. That is this way, facilitate night work in bed. This is how the style exercise was achieved because the thin frames of the screen “spillover” to the part with the keyboard. The keyboard is visibly better than the one on the MateBook “thirteen”, and it is comfortable for long typing. The mechanism is more specific, so you have an unmistakable feeling of activation under your fingers. So, you can even hear it, but in the right place.

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Hidden among the keys is a 720p webcam. A little surprise we’ve already gotten used to when it comes to MateBook models for this year. In the end, all these black keys look great on a silver frost light shade of aluminum. And irresistibly resemble MacBook Air models. A great security feature is that the Power button also has a security function of a fingerprint reader.


Beneath the keyboard is a nice and touch-sensitive, drunk touchpad with a built-in Huawei Share tag position, to which you can lean your Huawei or Honor phone, for easy connection and data transfer. The touchpad’s touchscreen area is set so that you have easy cursor control. Both right and left click, with a natural thumb movement. We would add that, as much as the keyboard bought us with the feeling of satisfaction that a click under our fingers brings, the touchpad confused us with its “spilled click sound”, so some things were repeated, to make sure we marked them during work.

The position of the touchpad is partly cut into the outer edge of the device to make it easier to open the screen with as little resistance and scratching on the surface of the computer. And the positions of the two digital microphones are on the slope. The sound comes from the side notches, where there is a pair of 2W speakers. And it is interesting that an additional pair, 1W each, is located practically on the keyboard, below the left, from the right Shift key. This is not visible to every designer on this solution. As well as the fact that this sound system will be more than enough for your business presentation and you will not have to carry speakers with you.


This beauty is based on the ultra-economical version of the 10th generation Intel Core with the i5-10210U designation. Which has four cores, which accelerate to a maximum of 4.2GHz in turbo mode. It integrates the UHD graphics core as the primary and only graphics adapter. As there is no additional GPU processor, such as the GeForce MX250. In the case of the more expensive MateBook X Pro model. Hence, its business purpose is clear in terms of using standard everyday programs and applications with a special emphasis on MS Office.

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Simply put, excel spreadsheets and Word documents are as clear as ever. 16GB of LP-DDR3 RAM memory is configured in better performance mode. A two-channel system running at 2133 MHz and soldered directly to the printed circuit board. For the described scope of work quite enough. To store data and run applications, one high-speed 512GB PCIe SSD device is used.


For internet connection, there is a 6th generation Wi-Fi. That works on two wavelengths in the 802.11 ax standard with two antennas for receiving and sending data wirelessly. Also and the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol is also supported.

As for connections on such a thin device, this extremely thin profile of the hips has conditioned the use of exclusively USB-C ports. There are a total of two on each side, one USB 3.2 port of the first generation. You can also use the one on the right to connect the appropriate monitor using the Display Port connector. In addition to these USB-C ports. There is only a combined 3.5mm headphone and microphone connector. At first, we wondered where the standard USB A port was to recharge the mobile phone.

Huawei ports

Even the iPhone 12, which arrives without a charger but with a cable has a Type C on one side and a lightning port on the other. If this is not enough for you, it fixes the MateDock 2 that is in the package and that connects to one of the USB-C ports and allows you additional: USB-A 2.0, USB-C 5Gbps, VGA, and HDMI connections.

Charging and battery

The package already includes a USB-C charger with a power of 65 W. Which takes about 2 hours to charge the built-in lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 42Wh. It provides solid operating autonomy of 5 hours and 6 minutes as we measured in our standard balanced performance test at 80% screen intensity.

In order not to disturb the extremely thin design and weight of this notebook. The manufacturer provided the Dock in the package and covered the inputs externally with it. And we would like to have a card reader on it as well. It bothered us a bit, that if you have already decided to use an ultra-light notebook. That carrying an extra 270 grams to carry a MateDock 2 and a charger with a cable will not be to your liking. If you decide to have your office away from home that day. Because the charger is also larger and weighs 157gr. Again, I guess it’s some kind of fast charging destiny.

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Performance in work

When it comes to performance in the part of tests that measure the execution speed of applications for photo processing, video format conversion, and audio processing, which is necessary when preparing presentations or applications, as well as in the scope of MS Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications, Matebook X is on level of the stronger MateBook X Pro model with one small and barely noticeable margin of lag, as the stronger model arrived in a version with the ultra-economical Intel Core i7 model. However, this difference is almost insignificant in the scope of applications of the target group of users for whom this notebook is intended. No one would buy this computer to do some kind of rendering.

On the other hand, it is significantly worse when it comes to multimedia and entertainment with “online” games or video editing. Because you feel the lack of a stronger graphics processor. Integrated UHD Intel graphics are unusable for this purpose even in the case of “casual” gaming. If you want a break between meetings and a break from work. The good side of the previous disadvantage is that the computer heats less because we measured a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius on the surface. While at the same time it is silent in operation with a maximum of 24dB of emitted noise, which is practically complete silence.

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The Huawei Matebook X is, however, a significantly more affordable alternative to the Matebook X Pro model. Equally beautiful and ultimately compact in construction. It is perfect for the fairer sex or whoever feels that way. It looks attractive and is easy to use. The display of the image is phenomenal, and you can also touch it on the screen if you hate to touch the “touchpad” or, God forbid, use a mouse.

It was created for going out, either to go out in nature or on vacation. When the nature of work does not allow you to be separated from reports and business correspondence, or when you need to go to a meeting and leave a good impression on the client. In general, it is not only light and convenient for the hand. But it is also robust for frequent moving and carrying. This is primarily a computer for the business variant, but why not for chatting on social networks in the moments of afternoon relaxation.

If we compare Matebook 13 and X Pro models. The Huawei MateBook X is a “golden” middle. Everything that is not just a thirteen and on the other hand free of some expensive details in the Pro version. It is a bit more expensive than the usual “thirteen”. But incomparably better, thinner, nicer, and lighter, just like the Pro model, but on the other hand, much cheaper. In a word, the right choice for the ultra-light portable thirteen-inch notebook variant.


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