Best Buy Gaming Monitor 240Hz: Acer XB253Q

Best Buy Gaming Monitor 240Hz: Acer XB253Q

If you already have a good gaming computer or you are lucky – or rather a lot of luck, to grab a good graphics card in all this madness, you will also need a good gaming monitor, and their choice at this moment seems to be better than the choice of the cards themselves. Stay with us and discover a new Acer monitor that has left a great impression on us.

On our test, this time is a novelty from Acer in the form of XB253Q GX, a model that brings 240Hz refresh rate, 0.5ms response, G-Sync compatibility, and HDR support – a rich enough set of features to be interesting to those looking for a modern gaming monitor, which is the best, with a price of under 340 €. It sounds like a really good price-performance ratio. But how it works in practice. We checked in playing for several days on this monitor, so here are our impressions.

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Features and performance

The design of this model is in the typical Acer manner – modern, but not excessive. The monitor belongs to Acer’s Predator series of gaming devices. This is evident by the logo in the middle of the lower edge, as well as on the sign on the bottom of the stand and the top of the panel carrier. These three things, along with the stand itself, are also the only thing that is associated with gaming. Because the rest of the monitor is relatively neutral. We certainly welcome it because there is no need for the monitor to sting your eyes and distract you while playing.

The stand is made in the form of three metal legs. With moderate use of space on the table, provide excellent stability, and the back leg is short enough that the monitor can be moved very close to the back edge of the table. Otherwise, the stand allows you to adjust the height in the range of 11.5cm. Rotation left and right by 20 degrees. The tilt of 5 degrees down and 25 degrees up. As well as pivot panels in both directions by 90 degrees. Which will come in handy if as we like to play some good pinball from time to time.

Except for the ventilation openings on the back and the texture of the brushed metal, the rest is relatively simple. The same goes for the front surface. With very thin frames on the top and sides, only the bottom is noticeable in a dark gray variant with specific texture horizontal lines. At the bottom of the rear, as expected, there is a section with connectors in which, in addition to the one for the power cable. There is also two HDMI 2.0 and one DisplayPort 1.4 and 3.5mm headphone output.

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The connector section is rounded off by a USB hub with one USB 3.0 port for connection to a computer and two ports for connecting additional devices. On the left side of the monitor, there are two more USB 3.0 ports for easier connection of USB drives and other handheld devices. It is also worth mentioning that there is a slot for cable routing at the bottom of the stand.

For menu control, Acer opted for a hybrid system with a mini joystick and four additional buttons. Including the one for turning on the monitor, located behind the lower-left edge of the monitor. In most cases, you will be able to do everything with the mini joystick thanks to the overview menu. The three additional keys are used both for shortcuts and to access some additional items such as the information menu with the option to reset all settings. Which is not very clear at first sight.

When it comes to the menu, you will find the usual settings. Also have very detailed options for controlling individual color channels, as well as specific gaming options that are important given the purpose of this model. Among them, there is a black boost to raise the level of black. Which some would probably say is not even needed on the IPS panel, also as a display of sights and instant refresh.

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There’s also an Ultra-Low latency mode that seems to be active all the time. Even when the option is grayed out when using variable refresh, and which lowers the input lag to a very good 11.5ms. When we mention variable refresh, it is supported in the range from 50 to 240Hz. In addition to the VESA standard, ie AMD Freesync. This model is also officially G-Sync compatible.

High-refresh Acer monitor

This monitor belongs to the latest generation of IPS gaming models, so in addition to the refresh of 240Hz. It also boasts a response of only 0.5ms. Such a low response is achievable, but only with the use of the VRB option. That activates the backlight strobe. This option has several levels, where normal gives a practically perfect response with a slightly darker image compared to work without VRB.

The extreme in addition to an even darker image causes noticeable ghosting, or overshoot, with almost imperceptible gain in terms of response. The VRB option is not available at the maximum refresh. But only up to 120Hz, and prevents the simultaneous use of variable refresh. So we doubt that many users will choose to use it, except in some specific cases.

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Without active VRB and with active G-Sync, the response is much higher. Realistically around 2-3ms at the maximum refresh. Which is still pretty good, though not the best we’ve had a chance to see since the latest generation of IPS panels. An Overdrive setting is also available in the menu, which provides similar results on Off and Normal. Perhaps even best on Off, while the Extreme option is completely missed and shows visible artifacts behind moving objects.

Interestingly, the overdrive option is not available if you use a variable refresh. Because in that case, the overdrive monitor adjusts on the go depending on the current refresh. We can say that it works pretty well since the experience is fast esports games was very good.

Resolution and colors

What also contributes to a great impression in games and what you will notice at first glance is the contrast, which on this model is for one IPS great 1325: 1. With a black level of typical and we would say for gaming quite tolerable 0.3 nits and a maximum brightness of close to 400 nits. The monitor also has an ACM mode for dynamic contrast control that raises the contrast to just over 4000: 1. But with relatively slow changes that make it questionably usable.

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Anyway, the high natural contrast, as well as the very good mapping, makes the games look great, even those that don’t support HDR. And the monitor otherwise has HDR support. True for the basic HDR400 standard. So don’t expect a real HDR experience and something more than just a good SDR display. We expect real HDR models this year. With mini-LED lighting and not-so-mini prices. So as always, the rule is as much money as music or graphics.

Still, the 400-thread models currently provide probably the best price-performance ratio when it comes to PC gaming. So you shouldn’t think you’re missing out on much. The bright display with saturated colors is what visually looks good in games. And the Acer XB253Q GX offers just that, no less. In the case of this panel, the color display is eight-bit without trying to achieve anything more. So the color palette it can display covers about 76.1% of the DCI-P3 spectrum. This is very good for a non-10-bit panel.

More brightness?No problem

The accuracy of the color display was of course not the focus. But the emphasis was on attractiveness, so by that, the most precise mode had a Delta E deviation from the correct 3.7. It is a pity that it lacks, for example, sRGB mode. Because this model would make it a good choice for those who want both gaming and working on graphics.

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But as it is, graphics mode seems to be the best choice because it offers maximum brightness and contrast with practically the best accuracy display. A pleasant surprise is the very good uniformity of the lighting. Without breaking through the edges, but of course, with the inevitable IPS glow.


The overall impression of this model is that for its price of under $ 320 it offers a lot. Very good display quality. Optimal gaming diagonal, as well as a resolution that in conditions of shortage of graphics cards allows you to take advantage of high refreshment with some weaker graphics. While some will allow you to use the maximum 240Hz and enjoy a very good response. games. This model offers a very usable set of features at a reasonable price, so if you want a real gaming monitor and you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Be sure to pay attention to this model. You can order the model on Amazon for just $ 320, which is the best buy in this class. If you have any questions write to us at

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