Acer Nitro 5 Renoir – The Best Cheap Gaming Laptop

Acer Nitro 5 Renoir – The Best Cheap Gaming Laptop

The great performance, extended autonomy, lower temperatures. In a word, better in every segment of work. There are also places for improvement, but the already good value for money has become even better in the new version. Acer Nitro is one of the most attractive and best gaming laptop models in its price class. That in addition to the entertainment you can use it as a mobile solution for working on more demanding applications and creating more serious content.

Usually imposed as an excellent value for money because, in addition to gaming. The user can use it to work with more demanding applications. Acer masterfully “packs” Nitro 5 machines, making the most of the built-in components while applying several practical solutions that allow this laptop to be relevant for many years. Also, that is what the end-user appreciates.

amd nitro 5 renoir laptop


Nitro 5 models for 2020 received a slight restyling. They have become even thinner, more beautiful. The black case and red backlight of the keyboard undoubtedly give them that aggressive gaming look. In this case, even more elegant. Including ventilation openings and diffusers on the back that got a red molding and the position of the power connector. Which no longer bothers the side. That’s why there are additional openings on both sides, which blow the inside of the computer.

The re-test helped us to better see the advantages. But also the disadvantages that did not bother us so much last time. Here, we primarily mean the keyboard, which is slowly becoming obsolete. Not only because of the softer and more precise keys but also because of the poor recognizability of the markings on the keys of the keys. The position of the Power button is also debatable. This part requires improvement

On the other hand. We commend the presence of a fast USB-C 3.2 port in a 10 Gbps version and another USB-A of the same specifications with the option to charge external mobile devices when the computer is turned off. Both are located on the right flank. A very useful detail for quickly switching large gaming installations. There are two more USB-A connections available in the 5Gbps version. Commendable is the extraordinary 6th generation Intel Wi-Fi. That works quickly and keeps the connection in a home environment. As well as the inevitable Killer Gigabit LAN connection

amd nitro 5 renoir screen

The screen is of good quality but at an average level. This is also shown by the number of measured values ​​for the lighting of 277 nits. While the contrast ratio is 1477: 1. Many would expect a better screen for this amount and it is also the part where Acer will have to make improvements as the competition pushes it in that direction. Above all the Lenovo Legion models.


The Acer Nitro 5 AN515-44-R5MC uses the latest AMD Ryzen 7 4800H processor with 8 cores that perform 16 “threads”. It reaches its maximum frequency at 4200 MHz. It is followed by 16 GB of system memory at 3200 MHz configured in better performance dual-channel mode. The processor has an integrated Radeon Vega 7 graphics core that “beats” at 1600 MHz and allocates 512 MB (max 2 GB) of system memory. The main word when it comes to gaming performance is the GeForce GTX 1650 Ti GPU with 4 GB of separate GDDR6 memory. The graphics are practically integrated due to less demanding content and basic desktop display to extend the working autonomy.

amd nitro 5 renoir performance

While the GTX 1650 Ti is a spare “engine” that turns on only in the case of gaming or applications that use GPU acceleration for certain operations. That part sometimes needs to be defined manually so as not to interfere with the integrated Radeon Vega 7. However, one thing worries me, because according to the GPU-Z tool. The integrated Vega 7 occupies 16 PCIe lanes, while the GTX 1650 Ti uses only eight. It seems like an illogical solution in the context of gaming performance.

The computer has 512 GB of data storage available in the form of a fast M.2 PCIe SSD device, and under its cover. It hides additional space for a 2.5 ”SSD or high-capacity HDD device. A special adapter is included with the computer to connect the optional device and we welcome this move because Acer thought and came out to meet the user. Extra space is never enough. Especially when it comes to games. For example, Fortnite requires 100 GB of free space during installation. And other titles are not much gentler on your disk.

Acer Nitro – Impressions in work

We come to the most interesting part, a direct comparison of the Nitro 5 model and the better question. The one with an Intel or AMD Renoir processor. AMD dominates with incredible ease. Not only in games but also in working with applications. Especially the more demanding ones. As expected or not, only Renoir is more dominant in all fields of work with ease than we honestly did not expect.

amd nitro 5 renoir impression

What exactly does that mean? The Renoir Ryzen 7 4800H is 23% faster than the identically configured Intel Core i7 9300H Coffee Lake platform in MS Office applications. Up to 13% in light versions of more demanding applications such as Photoshop Elements. In some general work with internet content and “cloud” services. The difference is 18%.

The difference becomes more dramatic with the use of demanding applications because twice the number of Zen 2 cores makes a very noticeable difference. 56% in Adobe Photoshop and 81% in Premiere Pro 2020 versions. The advantage is twice as big in the Blender and Cinema 4 rendering scenarios. And don’t forget that these models are sold at practically the same price. So it’s clear why the Nitro 5 on the AMD Renoir platform is so convincing.

In-Game Performance

It’s similar in gaming: 15% advantage in FarCry 5, 20% in APEX Legends 18% in Formula 1. And even 58% in the DOTA2 title. We measured a 7% advantage in Battlefield V. AC Origin and a slightly higher 10% in Gears V, and 13% in Division titles. Interestingly, in Fortnite, they are completely aligned on EPIC details. So, it is clear that Nitro with an AMD processor is a better choice when it comes to pure gaming performance.

amd nitro 5 renoir in game

But it’s not just the performance field where the AMD version of the Nitro 5 computer excels. Autonomy is also better because Renoir runs 40 minutes longer. Although it has twice as many active cores. Also, the processor temperature is lower because the Ryzen 7 4800H is 13 degrees cooler during intensive gaming and rendering than the Core i5 9300H processor. That partly affects the GTX 1650 Ti GPU. Which is 3 degrees Celsius cooler in the AMD version.


In the end. We summarize without any doubt that the already great Acer Nitro 5 has become even better and faster in the 2020 version and AMD Renoir processor. It is configured and weighted with excellent control software confirmed by comparison with similar gaming models from other manufacturers. Even more expensively positioned models with which the Nitro 5 surprises well.

All in all. The Acer Nitro 5 remains one of the most desirable gaming laptop models in its class. The desire to see a better screen and an improved keyboard in a future version. Until then. This remains one of the best computers to enter the field of mobile gaming!

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